book report

Book report

Book report is a critical analysis and evaluation of the book: its themes, language and style, its role in the literary process and society. Book report writing is a creative work that presents the opportunity to discuss current social and literary problems. It may seem that writing a book report is easy and takes not much time. However, there are some recommendations that may be useful when you are writing such a paper.

Your report may be presented in a form of an essay, which is more lyrical reflection of the author, inspired by reading the work. Book report includes a detailed summary, which describes the text, especially the composition characteristic features and the book assessment.

Successful report should include the following parts:

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  1. The subject of analysis.
  2. Background. The relevance of the topic does not require proof and should be quite obvious.
  3. Statement of the main thesis. You need to point out the main issue of the report, the most prominent idea of the book.
  4. Summary of the work. This paragraph should contain an overall assessment, the author’s ability and skills in presenting the general topic, as well as innovations he or she has introduced in the work.
  5. Shortcomings and failures. Here you should note the aspects or book parts that have caused doubts.
  6. Conclusion. This report part should draw conclusions with regards to the creativity of the author.

A detailed summary of the book reduces the value of report because it is not interesting to read the work after the summary. Moreover, one of the criteria of poor papers is using book retelling instead of analysis and interpretation of the text.

Each book begins with a title that has its interpretation after reading. The titles are often ambiguous being a symbol or metaphor. An analysis of the composition is extremely important for understanding and interpretation of the text. Reflection on what compositional techniques (antithesis, circular building) used in the book will help to see the author’s intention.

It is important to assess the style and originality of the writer, analyze images and artistic techniques used in the text, and reflect on the individual, unique style this writer possesses. Include in your work information about how the book is created. Remember to write a report the way it is interesting to read the book after reading it.

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