Can I Do a Research Paper in One Day?

Every student sooner or later faces a problem how to write a 5-page research paper in one day, because the modern pace of life does not always leave a lot of time for writing. In addition, to the report, there are a lot of compulsory assignments from teachers.

Do a Research Paper in One Day

Writing a report starts with choosing a topic if it is not defined by the teacher. There are two possible variants of the “development of events”: the topic should be selected from the list compiled by the teacher; the topic should come up by the student himself, taking into account the field of knowledge, discipline, the occupation of which requires preparing a report.

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Can you write a research paper in one day? Of course, you can. In the first case, it is advisable to take a few topics that you liked at first sight, and check the availability of material on them (for this the Internet will perfectly suit). Choose a topic and correctly formulate it. The topic of your article is her business card, and much depends on the correct formulation. For example, if an article is published in a scientific publication, the wording of the topic will directly affect the reader’s interest in your work. After the topic becomes known, consider the structure of the article.

It must necessarily contain annotation, introduction, and statement of the problem, the theoretical part and the solution to the problem. After choosing a topic, you need to start selecting and developing literature. If there is no list of topics, you will have to tinker a bit longer. As a rule, in such cases, a voluminous topic of the forthcoming seminar session (round table, conference) is declared, from which it should be danced. To identify current problems, it is necessary to find several reliable sources, work through them and determine information that is interesting for listeners or readers; this will be the basis of the topic.

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Pay attention to the table of contents of the sources found; they can contain the title of the topic for your report. After the materials for work have been found, it is desirable to arrange their list in accordance with the standards or requirements of the teacher. At the initial stage, you should also take care of organizing further work on the report, for this purpose a plan is drawn up taking into account traditional structural components (introduction, main text, conclusions). Do not doubt whether you can do a research paper in one day.

Writing the main text

Working on the main part of the report How to write a report? Before you start writing the main text, you should learn the following rules: You cannot start work without an accurate definition of the scope of the future report. You should immediately choose the tactics of presenting materials on the topic: from partial to general or vice versa. All the structural parts of the report should be logically interconnected with a smooth transition between themselves (this will make the report pleasant to listen to). Do no ask yourself “Can I write a research paper in one day” because you can. The main text begins with an introductory part that should cover the purpose and relevance.

To quickly formulate these components, use scientific clichés, for example: “The aim of this work is …”, “This topic (problem) is of particular urgency, because …”, “Recently, the problem (problem, topic) … “,” Increasing attention to the problem is connected primarily with … “, etc. There are also clichés for linking certain parts of the text, they can be easily found on the Internet, for example: “It is appropriate to pay attention to … “,” Note that … “,” Let’s turn to the definition of the certain author… “.

Pay attention to the terminology that you will use in the report, perhaps some concepts need to be briefly explained at the beginning of the work. The main text will be written quickly if you have worked well the materials found, and have at least an approximate idea of what you want to tell. In order to speed up the work on the findings, mark the most important theses in the report, and then give them an appropriate interpretation, while decorating again the cliché will help: “On the basis of what has been said, we can conclude …”; “At the same time, it should be emphasized …”, “Analyzing aspects of the problem, we came to a conclusion that …”, etc.

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Read a few scientific articles on related topics. The article is an author’s work, and despite existing rules, there is no clear template for the preparation of a scientific article. Read the works of other authors to understand better what article you want to get in the end.

It is very important how you will set out the material. If you want to write a professional article, avoid jagged stamps and platitudes. An article abounding in these malicious elements will serve the author badly, and your brilliant ideas are not likely to be accepted with great probability.

Quick editing of a research paper

Editing depends on the type of report – oral or written. In the first version, you cannot bother with the technical nuances of the work: they will not be checked. It is better to use this time for the rehearsal of the oral story. In order not to suffer from the writing of a written report, you must first clarify the requirements of the teacher.

It is desirable to set the necessary printing parameters immediately, and at the end of the work to check all the technical nuances. The oral report does not require an ideal design of the text, but do not forget about the design of the speech: it must comply with traditional literary norms. So you do not need to ask yourself “Can I do a research paper in one day” because our pieces of advice will help you to finish a research paper in one day.

How to make the work on the presentation faster

Often the report has to be supplemented with the presentation, and this requires additional time, in order to speed up its creation, use the following suggestions: as you write the speech text, highlight the points that require visualization; make a selection of illustrative material; You can pre-sketch the slides (they will contain only the table of contents and the minimum of the text), and then go to the design; slides should provide illustrative material, not pieces of text from the report; be sure to check the presentation for punctuation and spelling errors.

Top 3 tips for a quick work

  • When searching for literature, pay attention not only to the list of sources that Google has provided, or found in the library. Every scientific work has a list of literature used by the author; there are often valuable specimens in it.
  • During the development of literature, write out valuable information (facts, hypotheses, the interesting reasoning of authors, vivid examples) or copy it into a separate file if you work with electronic sources.
  • Not all quotations from the worked works need to be entered into your text in an exact statement; some of them can be retold in your own words, referring to the need for the author. Using all these tips and tips, a good scientific report and presentation of it can be created in 1 day.