Can you use “I” in research paper

Can i use “I” in a research paper

During writing a research paper, we are faced with many questions we need to find answers to. This article is devoted to giving you the best answers for questions: can i say “I” in a research paper, can you use I in a research paper mla, can you say We in a research paper and can you use I or We in a research paper.

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Let’s start from can you use “I” in a research paper.

  1. The answer for the question can a research paper use i is the next: the use of the first person varies considerably between disciplines – most common in the humanities, least common in the physical sciences, with social sciences coming, as you’d expect, in the middle. However, the only field, where no use of the first person in (admittedly small) sample wasn’t found was accountancy. Draw your own conclusions.
  2. Use of the first person was most common in the introductions of papers; e.g., “I shall argue that …” Interestingly, conclusions, where students love to write things like “in my opinion ….” or “I strongly believe …” were relatively free of the first-person usage.
  3. Where phrases like “I think” and “in my opinion” are used, it is often used to make the opinion weaker, not stronger. “I think” means, “I think, but I’m not sure”; “in my opinion” means “this is only my opinion – it’s not the only conclusion you can draw.” (This contrasts with some kinds of business and technical writing, where your opinion is central).

To sum up, the answer for the question can i write i in a research paper is the next: use “I” carefully, bearing in mind your audience, the field in which you are writing and what you are doing in that particular part of the essay, and use “in my opinion” rarely, if at all.