Easy Steps for Writing a Research Paper

The main steps in research

The research paper is becoming an increasingly widespread type of testing knowledge and skills of students. Consequently, each student is faced with the task of properly organizing and conducting concentrated training that consists of the next steps:

Step 1: Chose a topic. The topic you choose should show the ability to build sentences, literacy, professional qualities, etc. logically.

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Step 2: Formulate an idea, determine the purpose and find sources of information for work.

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Step 3: Make an outline. You should not strive to create an ideal plan, as it can be edited during the process of writing. Making a plan during writing the research paper is not necessary at all, as well as sticking to an already written plan. The absence of restrictions and rigid frameworks is an advantage of this genre. If it is easier for you to adhere to a strict plan, then you should take time to make it.

Step 4: Introduction. It is recommended to begin the work with an introduction, which prepares for the perception of the basic meaning in the content of the work. Entry must consist of up to 10 sentences. The introduction and title are not required by the criteria, but having a small introduction gives a plus to your work and helps to consistently set out the material and arrange the text in accordance with the norms.

Step 5: Thesis statement. A thesis is a complex theoretical or practical question that requires solving or research.

Step 6: Main body. Express your opinion on the formulated problem posed by the author of the text (agreeing or disagreeing with the position of the author), argue it (give at least two arguments), based on knowledge, life experience or reading experience. In this part of the work, you must strictly follow the rules for constructing text-reasoning.

Step 7: Conclusion. 3-4 sufficient, accurate, capacious, corresponding to the text sentences are enough for good ending. Here it is important to summarize exactly the problem that was discussed in the entire essay.

Step 8: Checking and rechecking.

How do you think what the crucial step on how to write a research paper is?

Steps to writing a good research paper.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough just to follow the simple rules. There are always some tricky things you need to know:

  1. First of all your task is to pick the winning topic and start creating. On the one hand, it is a piece of cake to choose the theme and writing. On the other hand, that is a challenging issue as the topic is the central idea of the paper. It means that the success of your masterpiece depends on the level of interesting of the topic. That is why we invoke you not to underestimate the importance of the topic for discussion.
  2. Dedicate the time for writing. The crucial thing of the success is the amount of time you dedicate to the writing. According to the survey most students postpone everything to the last day, and as a result, the grade is not high. In order to avoid such a case, we ensure you not to be lazy and set the border for the writing. According to the survey, the most productive period for writing is Wednesday and Thursday. Will you ask “Why?” The answer is simple- that is a middle of the week, and you are full of energy to write and to dedicate all yourself to work.
  3. Manage your thoughts and gather your idea. That is a first step to the successful research paper. Before you start writing-meditate. It will help you relax and find inspiration. Switch off all gadgets that can disturb you. Another key thing to remember is that the process of writing is easier in winter because the sun doesn’t attract you to go outside and not to write.

We advise you to have a draft and note each bright thought that appear in your mind. There is no hesitation that such methods will help you. Moreover, make the outline of the whole paper. That is a type of the frame that will show you the correct direction for writing. You will not miss any of the crucial ideas.

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  1. Proofread the paper. Do not read the whole masterpiece in a day. As a rule, such a process takes three days in order to evaluate and assess it correctly. Ask a person who doesn’t know the key idea of writing to read the paper and make the summary. That will help you understand if the writing is coherent and logically built. Try to avoid different typos, and grammatical errors as these are the first step to dissatisfaction.

As far as you can see, there is nothing hard in writing the research paper. Just take a deep breath, save some time and energy and follow our steps on writing a research paper. Now you are ready to write the best paper that will improve your mark. Do not hesitate and follow these steps as they will help you to meet all the expectations related to the high mark.