Please Look After Mom

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Kyung-sook Shin, the much renowned Korean author, releases his debut novel in English language – Please Look After Mom, a being-cleansing work of fiction that speaks the love of a mother and that alone. It became an instant bestseller, with over a million copies out in the market. The book features a deeply moving story of a Korean family’s intimate search for their mother, who gets lost amidst the crowds of Seoul Station subway.

The story has been told the mother’s first child, the daughter; her first-born son; her husband; and Park So-nyo, the mother herself. The narration of the story is done in four parts, featuring the individual perspectives of the family members on their quest for the missing mother. The intensity of the situation where a mother gets lost on her way to meet her children has been put forth in a soul-penetrating manner that would stun the readers to realization of maternal care, or rather love. Choosing to read this book, only means that you have chosen to become subject to ignition that is characterized by the transformation of your being.

The ability of man to see things through a multi-dimensional channel has made understanding of a mother complex. Her profoundness is more of a philosophy or a belief than a perception. By narrating the “search for the mother” through 4 characters, the author tries to project the difficulty and differences in perceiving the actual story of a mother. A woman, when acquires the form of a mother, tends to grow selfless naturally, with the “I” factor in her diminishing rapidly. Perhaps, this is why the mother’s narration of the story of her search appears spirited and overwhelming. The essence of this book is bound to penetrate your nucleus with utmost convenience, staining your being with grace and overlapping your perceptions with ones that are subsequently higher.

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In his book, Please Look After Mom, Kyung-sook Shin often relates the mother to cooking warm meals, acting as a symbol of warmth, signifying the strength of the bonding of love that stretches far beyond our sensory transceivers. The mother’s dialogues bear the elements from the source of the divine itself, and they will connect your being with the mother’s soul, as you realize the significance and the need of a mother in your life. A mother’s tendency to sacrifice her pleasures for her children, is a significant element bearing the true nature of the Ultimate Source, God.

Love, as long as you can; be the change that you wish to see around you, be the holy environment. We all play a maternal role in life; this book humbly asks you to proliferate the motherliness in you, the qualities of service, obidience, and sacrifice, and to feel the sacred currents of a mother’s service to her child. A mother is a mother; the idea doesn’t change with culture, only the perspective changes, and this book will overlap yours for sure.