Writing a Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

On the basis of this academic paper, scholarly supervisor and professors can evaluate the level of material perception and quality f knowledge of a student. What is more, it allows estimating writing skills as well as critical thinking abilities. Exist many standards, which students should follow while creating this paper.

According to the generally accepted rules, each thesis paper should comprise a thesis. Good thesis statement for a research paper should express the main idea of the assignment and embody the main aim. What is more, this sentence sets the main problem that will be discussed throughout the whole paper. Thus, a person writing a research paper thesis should approach this task responsibly and treat it seriously.

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A good research paper thesis should be condensed and exact. Usually, it consists of one compound sentence, which presents the main aim of the research. You familiarize the target reader with the primary sense of your assignment. The main task of the author is to defend this hypothesis throughout the paper.

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As soon as you create the thesis, you can start choosing the materials for the central part of your article and look for relevant examples and arguments. Teat the task to formulate a hypothesis carefully, as it will define the complexity of work you need to do further. If you formulate the thesis clearly and adequately, it will be much easier for you to deal with the gathering of materials and writing the main body of your paper. You can get qualified help with writing a thesis statement for a research paper on researchpapers.io.

Guidelines which help writing a thesis statement for a research paper

Inexperienced students believe that a thesis is a digest of all term paper or significant scientific paper. These students are right and mistaken at the same time. These are small but self-sufficient pieces of an article. A thesis includes the necessary provisions of your scientific research, while it is written in an understandable and clear language.

There are specific requirements for writing theses for the article, for the conference, for the defense of the dissertation. However, the main aim is to give the reader an understanding of what the work is about, present its novelty and uniqueness. The work should reflect the course of your logical reasoning. Good thesis statement for research should be written following the following standards:

  •    If the object of your study is a well-known phenomenon, then you can directly outline the relevance of the phenomenon under study. If you are investigating not a widely known phenomenon, it is necessary to give its definition in the first sentence, and in the second sentence indicate the relevance of this problem for the research.
  •    In the opening sentences, you need to identify the relevance of the phenomenon under study. It is not necessary to describe its importance and significance in the course of writing the abstract.
  •   Your task is to explain and provide the reasons, why this particular sample is involved in the study, or this specific period is chosen, or these methods are used precisely).
  •    If you describe the results of your empirical study, you have to give the reader an answer to the question: How did you conduct your research? Depending on the specifics of the text, it is necessary to describe the methods, stages, study conditions (or something else). Again, there is no need to illustrate all the details. If you applied several methods, or techniques – list them. If the research comprised several stages – specify the number of stages and their essence.

Writing a thesis for a research paper one needs to approach this task seriously and follow the guidelines carefully.

Writing a thesis statement for a research paper

The hardest thing is the creation of a first sentence of the work. One needs to answer the simple question: “Why is something that I will write further, important.” It will be a preparation for writing a thesis statement for a research paper. Usually, students write a statement mentioning the fact that such a problem is significant because a few people wrote about it. Or many well-known scientists were discussing it, but you saw what they did not see. Or they used a known method on unknown objects and obtained significant results. Significant – that is, those that are different from ordinary and able to influence the further development of the hypothesis.

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This is called “scientific novelty.” Works without scientific novelty are abstracts. That is, if you simply counted, what are the points of view on a problem in different scientists – it’is unacceptable. If you managed to systematize them somehow, to highlight the patterns, to describe the reasons – already better, there is an element of the independent study. You need to present all this info in your thesis in a condensed way. Try to avoid overloading the main statement of your work with the facts that does not bear essential meaning for a target reader. Now you are aware how to write the best academic paper. Do not hesitate and try your skills.