Writing Research Papers – Handy Hints

» To find additional sources of information about your topic, look at the bibliographies or reference lists in the books and periodical articles you use.

» You might keyword search the library’s online catalog and locate books or other useful sources of information about your topic. If so, look at the full title record of these sources and note the subject(s) that have been assigned to them. Then do a subject search of the online catalog using these subjects. For example, if a keyword search leads you to a useful book that has been assigned the subject “Sports cars – History,” exit keyword searching and see if you can find other useful sources by doing the following subject search: s=sports cars history

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» To locate useful indexes that can point you to information on your topic, see the handout titled “Basic Indexes: Periodicals, Newspapers, and Documents.” Among other things, the indexes listed on that handout can help you narrow your subject by means of the sub-topics they show. This and other useful handouts are located in the Information Center racks on the south side of the Reference Desk in the Newton Gresham Library.

» When you use a particular information source in the library, such as a book or journal, be sure to record all the information from it you need, including all the information you will need to prepare your bibliography or reference list. If you have to return to this source for additional information, the source may not be available to you. Where Can I Find More Help?

» Information in the following books can help you do your research in an efficient manner and write a quality research paper. They can guide your research, save you time, and help with sentence structure, paragraph structure, punctuation, spelling, grammar, and much more.