How to Start Your Research Paper

If you decided to write a research paper relying on your own knowledge, this comprehensive guide is the right place to start with. There is a lot of articles online on how to begin a research paper, but first, you need is to understand what is a research paper and what do you gain by writing one.

A research paper is a scientific work that is directly connected with research, experiments, setting patterns, summarizing data and justifying a project. As soon as the student receives the assignment, he should read it and, if necessary, feel free to ask questions. You do not need to postpone the work because it can drag on and you will have to look on the Internet “do my research paper for me“.

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It is necessary to work over scientific papers regularly, carrying out all tasks and recommendations of the supervisor qualitatively. You need to spend lots of time on the research paper, but it’s worth it because you can get a really high-quality work only in a few semesters. It’s important not to get upset if something goes wrong because you learn in such a way. The student must memorize four basic rules that will help to cope with the task successfully:

  1. work regularly;
  2. the supervisor should not completely direct all the steps of the student;
  3. do not hesitate to take the initiative;
  4. understand that everyone has the right to make a mistake.

Tips for writing a Research Paper

If you are given a task of writing a research paper, here are a few recommendations that will help you to find out how to start research paper easily.

1. Choose a topic

The first step to writing a research paper is selecting a topic. Ask yourself questions about your future work, like “how to start off a research paper”, as this part gives the first impression about your whole work. You may have to act within a clearly defined task, but even so, you need to choose a theme of work.

This is the very first and most important step. It does not matter if your theme is the one you dream of at night, or something less interesting to you, then you should think about whether there is enough material on this subject. If you have this opportunity, choose the topic you are interested in. If you do research on a topic that you are enthusiastic about, it will have more positive effects on the quality of work.

If you find it difficult to choose the desired topic, then ask for advice from a teacher or classmates. They probably have another idea that you really like! Well, if you do not like it, nevertheless they can inspire you, which is also useful. Of course, asking a teacher for help may not be very convenient, but, in fact, they are interested in the successful performance of your task. In other words, teachers will help you. If you chose the topic and realized that it is not suitable for you, do not despair. Even after starting to work on the research, do not be afraid of changing the subject.

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2. Determine the relevance

Identify possible solutions to the problem. Before writing an introduction to the research paper, you should find out for yourself why this topic was chosen.

3. Conducting the research

So, you have chosen the theme. What is next? Next, you begin the study of the topic. You can find the material for research on sites, in magazines, books, encyclopedias, interviews, individual blog posts. Be sure to visit the reliable sites which are related to your topic. Use at least 5 sources, never rely on 1-2 sources. To find the relevant information, go to the local library. Obviously, this is an outdated method, but the libraries are full of useful materials. Do not be afraid to ask the librarians for help. Be creative! If you find a book that is perfect for you, do not be too lazy to strain your brain and open a list of literature, there you can find dozens of wonderful books on your topic.

4. Reread your materials

Depending on the amount of information available to you, you do not have to re-read it all. Quickly review everything to highlight the main points or excerpts in each article, then thoroughly study the material you selected. Lay the bookmarks on the most important pages and write down the quotes you need. Emphasize or highlight important places, excerpts and any other information that is necessary for your paper.

5. Write an introduction

This is one of the most important parts of the research paper. The introduction usually consists of a brief description of the importance of the work or the subject of the study. Make sure that it accurately and correctly shows what you are trying to say. Keep in mind; you will have to confirm everything you say with the help of your research. Here are some other tips about how to start your research paper.

  • Work out the main part. Here you have to describe the results of the study, observations, and experiments. Also, you make preliminary conclusions in this part.
  • Control the logic of the work. When the paper is written, it is necessary to review and determine whether the logical order, the sequence of the research or thoughts have been violated or not.
  • Make the conclusion. In this part of the research paper, it is necessary, to sum up, the work done, describe its advantages, and also determine the further ways in the chosen area.
  • Make a bibliographic list. You can make a list of references in the same way as in other scientific works.

6. Start writing your work

Each paragraph should correspond to the introduction. Now it’s time to take advantage of the information that you spent so much time searching for. Use quotes to reinforce the facts and maintain the main idea of your work. Always refer only to reliable sources. This step may help you comprehend how to begin your research paper.

7. Prepare and correct your work

Check the grammar, spelling, and syntax. Make sure that the work is built on smooth and logical transitions from one point of view to another, from one paragraph to another. You can not jump sharply from one idea to another. Ask your teacher what format your job should be. Make sure that your work contains all the necessary elements, including the title page, the content, the introduction, the main part, the conclusion, the list of used literature and the attachments. Before submitting your research paper, check it again at least three times. Consider the mentioned about tips about how to begin writing your research paper and start working.