Writing an Introduction for a Research Paper

How to write a good introduction for a research paper

Hi, our dear reader. We suppose that you are an enthusiastic student that wants to have excellent marks and gain new knowledge. The common fact is that being a student your primary task is to write different types of academic papers. On the one hand, it sounds easy and doable. On the other hand, a student who once has written the research paper, for instance, knows that it is a rather complicated task that requires a lot of time and effort.

Modern student is a lucky one because he has free access to different websites that can serve as the primary source of information. You do not need to waste time in the library and search the one necessary book from the dozen other. That is why we invoke you to read the information below as it can help you find the necessary prompts in writing an introduction to the research paper.

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How to write the introduction for a research paper

Research paper as normal academic writing should be well-structured and built. The main reason for it is that such a factor influence the quality of the work and the result in general.

What are the main parts of the research paper

Any type of academic paper is a kind of building that should have the appropriate architecture. In order, to build a nice house your task as an architect is to know the main blocks of the building and the lows of their construction.

Now it is a high time to speak about the main components of the academic paper. Each of them is crucial that is why patient and learn how to write it correctly.

The main body

That is the most wordage part of the paper. As a rule, it should be divided into three and more paragraphs. You should start each paragraph with the thesis statement as it helps to understand the main idea of the part. Moreover, the main body should have examples, illustrations and different types of your thesis improvements. These will make your paper more informative and professional.

That is the most informative part as it tells the main statements and ideas of the research paper. As a rule, the body is the wordage and boring part. That is why we invoke you not to make the text monotonous and enrich it with the interesting examples from the literature and other kinds of art.


Some students underestimate the role of the final part of the paper. They are sure that nobody reads the conclusion. We want to convince you on the contrary. When you draw the line, you summarize the important statements. In that way, you emphasize and highlight the key ideas. As it turned out the professors use to read the intro and the conclusion as those parts are the briefest and informative. So, do not make the fatal mistake and write the qualitative conclusion in order to prove that your paper deserves a high grade.

What is and how to write the introduction for a research paper

Now it is a high time to speak about the introduction. So, it is the first part of your creation. As a rule, it consists of 5-10 sentences that are linked with one idea. It is recommended to write the introduction in a positive way and manner as it will attract the reader and wake up the wish for reading. We highly recommend you start the introduction to research paper with the hook sentence as it will gather a lot of readers.

We should mention that introduction is like the cover of the book. It tells about the plot, the idea, and can attract or distract the audience. So, decide what the role of the beginning of your paper is.

How to write the best intro to the academic paper

Writing an introduction for a research paper, you should know the way the first part of the paper should look like. We can compare the intro with the face of the whole research paper. That is why be sure that you are aware of how to do it. Below you can find the small guide on how to create the great intro.

Here are the important steps that will help you create the best beginning for the paper. Let’s get started.

  • Step #1 Imagine your target audience. Speak to them as you see those people in front of you.
  • Step#2 Hook the readers. We highly recommend to start intro with the addressing to the audience and congratulating them. Also, you can begin with a funny story or some interesting fact. Everybody will agree that when a person is interested in the first part, he/she will keep reading the text up to the end.
  • Step#3 Submit the reason and the main problems of the research paper. The target audience should understand the main aim and reason why you have started this investigation. That will help them figure out the profit of your work for them.
  • Step#4Explain how your content can improve the knowledge of readers. As a rule, the audience wants to read something useful and important not to waste time in vain.

Now you are armed with the essential knowledge that can help you write the best introduction to the qualitative paper. Be brave and try your skills and knowledge.


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