MLA And APA Style Research Paper Guide

Guide For College And University Students

Each member o higher educational institution at the specific stage of studying process receives the task to prepare a research paper.
A research paper belongs to one of the most voluminous and time-consuming academic assignments, which are usually prepared by students. It presents a gathering of information in connection with some research results.

It also contains evaluative assessments and personal opinion of a writer, who was working on a paper. As a rule, this type of academic assignment is prepared at the end of the semester or a year. It allows conducting research which is dedicated to a specific aspect of a subject or any specific problem. It gives a student a room for creativity and allows for training one’s critical thinking skills.

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This task is complex and demands full dedication. What is more, a person working on the creation of a research paper needs to possess an in-depth knowledge of material and be familiar with all the standards and demands to this as0signment. Thus, a student should look through all rules and standards to create a good quality assignment.

Primarily one needs to familiarize oneself with the specificities of content and structure. A student also needs to decide on a topic and gather all the necessary data. The last stage of preparation presupposes formatting. Exist two main formatting styles applied to this type of paper –MLA and APA style. Exists a difference between that and it should be taken into account by the author of a research paper.

One should get familiar with the main differences to format a paper correctly. To get to know, which style you need to follow, approach your scholarly supervisor. As soon as you will get the answer, get to know the main specificities of the styles.

Help writing an APA research paper

APA style abbreviation stands for the American Psychological Association and belongs to the most popular styles used in academic writing. Exist many specificities, which are typical for this kind of formatting. A person writing a research paper needs to follow them carefully to create a good quality paper deserving high evaluation.  As is often the case, inexperienced students need help writing an APA research paper. They need to know several key issues, which will be helpful during the writing process.

  1. APA research paper style is usually applied for documents, which are connected to the psychological or education areas of knowledge. This style demands the application of particular formatting for citations, which are included in the text.
  2. There are two main statements, which generally characterize this style. Primarily, the paper written in this format contains the ideas, which are already considered true and proved to be truthful. Secondly, the date of the cited source publication is of the utmost importance. Thus to need to mention it immediately after the citation in the text.
  3. Concerning the issues connected to grammar, try to stick to the usage of Present tense for general comments and rendering of facts. On the other hand, when you deal with citing of other works or rendering somebody’s ideas, it is better to apply past or present perfect tense.
  4. Concerning the distance between the lines, the standard claims that you have to use double spacing throughout the whole document.
  5. Concerning the formatting of margins, take care of all margins to be one-inched, as well throughout the entire document. Pages should be numbered in the upper right corner.
  6. All title should be underlined. Their names should be placed in quotation marks. A references page is a compulsory element of the paper.

Help with MLA research paper

The other wide-spread writing format is MLA. The abbreviation stands for the Modern Language Association. This style is usually applied for the formatting of the documents which belong to humanities, particularly literature, history, languages, etc. Students facing the task to use this formatting may seek help with MLA research paper. The guidelines are simple; however, a student has to bear in mind several specificities to create a perfectly written research paper.

  1. Concerning, the spacing specificities, all the pages should be double-spaced, including the list of references and all the inserted quotations.
  2. While deciding on the margins, follow the instruction provided by the scholarly supervisor, if there are no such guidelines, set one-inch margins all over the document.
  3. Add a Work cited list compulsorily at the end of the research paper.
  4. The pages should possess a number in the right upper corner.

Each student working on the creation of a research paper should avoid applying unoriginal information. It may spoil his reputation, and the mark for the research project will be unsatisfactory. Thus, each person working on this task should carefully format all the quotations. A prolific strategy will be to compile a list of notes during the stage of gathering the data. One can also mention the name of the source, year of publication, place of publishing and the page, from which the quotations were taken.

The preparation of the research paper is a serious and time-consuming process demanding a responsible approach. It may pose a challenge for the inexperienced student. However, if the person will follow these simple tips, the process will be much easier. Try to follow all the rules of MLA and APA formatting styles. It is better to consult examples to see the rules applied in practice.