MLA Works Cited Example (Research Paper)

Like the previous pages, the works cited page has 1 inch margins and is double spaced. The first line will be a centered and the text will be “Works Cited” without the quotes. The order of citations items listed is: author, title, state of publication, publishing company, and finally year published. Each citation is sorted alphabetically by the author’s last name.

If the source is a book with one author, the citation would look like this:
Gorman, Elizabeth. Prairie Women. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1986.

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If the source is a book with two authors, the citation would like this:
Caper, Charles and Lawrence T. Teamos. How to Camp. Philadelphia:
Doubleday, 1986.

This page is important to have to avoid plagiarism which could get you into serious trouble. See the image below for proper format. Notice how the first line of each citation is not indented, but subsequent lines of each citation are indented by 1 inch.

The citation page is extremely important to prevent plagiarism which could get your in trouble academically and with the law. I highly recommend having a copy of the handbook so that you can reference it every time you have to write a research paper. The MLA handbook has even more samples.