Research Paper on An Introduction To The Context Of Practice

The style of management has changed progressively over the years. Three hundred years ago, there was only one style that people knew how to manage. And that was to dictate terms. Things have changed rapidly. Now everyone or more precisely, participative style of management has borne fruits.

The style of management can be anywhere from entirely authoritarian to fully participative. Three hundred years ago, dictatorship or autocracy was in full sway. Participative government and leadership put into significance the wishes of the people, the policy determined by delegates instantly appointed by and directly accountable and accountable to the people. Under authoritarian government or dictatorship the government and its ‘experts’ command the people what the government or rulers decide the people have to follow. research paper topics

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Real strife is not between political left and right but is a strive for democracy against dictatorship in all community organizations and at all levels. Authoritarian attitudes affect in dispute, leadership and co-operation payoff in economic prosperity. The way in which organizations are directed, that is their style of management, of course deviate from country to country and changes as time passes. So we need to bear in mind that we are not in any way overwhelmed with opinions and feelings and beliefs about whether one organization is better than another, whether one method of organization is better than another, whether one political system is an enhancement on another. term papers

Employees participate when they accede to allow themselves to be organized by an employer, and organization, which is based on consent of those being organized, is participative. In a participative organization, like that in American organization, people accept dependability for work to be done, accept that it is their job to carry out a part of the company’s activities and that they will be held responsible for the quality of their work. The manager’s job is to back his junior by removing barriers from the subordinate’s path; the subordinate asking for such support as the need arises. As work may be a source of satisfaction or of frustration, dependent on controllable conditions, the extent to which subordinates derive satisfaction…


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