Research Paper Topics

Research papers can make or break you. They are ways of testing how much you know, how detail oriented you are, and how you assess various subjects that are important in the world today.

But what if you have no idea what to research on and what to write about? Well, never fear. Here is a list of the best research paper topics you can use yourself!

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  1. College Athletics: Should College Athletes be paid?
  2. Single Sex Schools: Is it true that children learn better when they study in single sex schools? (i.e., boys only/ girls only)
  3. Examinations: Should examinations be replaced with another form of educational assessment? (especially because not everyone is
  4. gifted with sharp memories, but actually excel in other facets of education)
  5. Pornography and the Use of Parental Filters Online: Do Parental Filters work, or does it just increase the amount of curiosity teenagers have about Pornography?
  6. Art: What is the line between art and religion? (i.e., how the Virgin Mary was depicted by Chris Ofili with elephant dung a few years back, etc)
  7. Media and Racial Bias: Do news programs favor whites? (i.e., how blacks are called “terrorists” and “gangsters” during attacks, whereas whites do not get called that way)
  8. Religion: Is there one true religion?
  9. Health Care Crisis: What makes healthcare so expensive in the United States, and how could the situation be improved?
  10. Animal Rights: How will animals rights be improved, and when will they stop being used for recreational purposes?
  11. Abortion: What is the difference of being Pro-life and being Pro-fetus?
  12. Internet: Have children gotten smarter because of the internet? Or is it the other way around?
  13. Internet and the Music Industry: How the music industry has been affected by prevalent digital downloading
  14. Medical Marijuana: Benefits and Hazards
  15. Suicide Rate: Why are more and more people committing suicide?
  16. Society’s Portrayal of Women: What it does to one’s self-esteem
  17. Interpersonal Communication: How online communication dampened real life conversations
  18. Wage Inequality: Why women still earn just 75 cents for every dollar that a man earns—and why the system needs to be changed
  19. HIV: Are there any available treatments for afflicted people, and how effective are they?
  20. Identity Theft: How easy it is to steal one’s identity these days
  21. Cyber Bullying: Why it is dangerous