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Around the world In poor places like Africa and South America there Is no electricity and there is a need for it. I have found a cheap way to create electricity as it is shown above. Electricity is very important to us today because it is used to power almost everything in the world. For example the all the technology that the united States uses today it is all powered by electricity. Electricity Is very expensive for example batteries, they cost a lot and power a lot of things like flash lights, toys, clocks, watches and many more things so therefore electricity is a need and we a cheap way generate it.

There are similar inventions like my project but they are not exactly cheap. One way is solar, but you must buy the solar panels for it and they are not cheap on average one solar panel costs about $100 and above. This Is why my project is cheap and different from others. Electricity has been around for a long time but it is not cheap. It was created by Benjamin Franklin in the century. In the early century Benjamin Franklin created it from the old texts that existed 2750 .

This texts were electric fishes that gave electric charges. There was really no electricity until the century he created It. Around 600 static electricity was created by Tales of Miles who was the first to into electricity. Even Franklin is the father of electricity he was helped by Tales of Miles. This Is what electricity and how it was created and who created it. My problem Is really Important because It really helps the world.

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Electricity Is really important to us because most if the things we do use electricity. Images a world without electricity, it would not be pretty. In Africa and some places in South America there is no electricity and they don’t have enough money to buy it so they must make their own This way Is very productive and is easy, when people learn how to do this and have all the they can use it for anything like light, power for anything like fans because Its hot or use for many other things.

This Is the Importance of my project and how it helps the world Labs write up Problem statement 0 What Is a cheap way to generate electricity Hypothesis If I use candles then I can generate electricity with a cheap cost for people who need it. Materials [l Two candles Clone liter [l One light bulb to test the electricity (3. 7 volts or lower) D Two copper red and black wires to run electricity thru C] Two nails Stick one nail in each candle 0 Peel 1 inch of each end of the wires 0 Wrap on end of each wire on each nail 0 Then put one end of the wire on the bottom tip of the bulb and put the other end anywhere. Then have someone light both candles and the light bulb will go on. Data 0 This procedure is a productive way to create electricity. This experiment cheats about four volts of electricity. To test this experiment a light bulb of at least 3. 7 volts or lower because higher than that is above 4 volts and the candles will not make enough electricity to power it. In this experiment the light bulb was about 3. Volts of it worked.

This experiment is used to make electricity but the 4 volts is not a lot so this experiment can be preformed many times to make an efficient amount of electricity to power anything because there is no electricity in Africa and South America. So this is how much electricity this experiment makes and what is can power. Conclusion In conclusion I say that I have a solved a problem in the world. There are many other ways to create electricity but they are not cheap and some places don’t have the money to buy all the things to make the electricity. This experiment is simple, cheap, and is not time consuming.