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“I do not photograph nature. I photograph my visions.” (Man Ray) Man Ray was the artist of surrealism, which is a painting style of the early 20th century that emphasized imagery from dreams and fantasies, as well as an intuitive, spontaneous method of recording such imagery. Man Ray is indubitably recognized as the most original photographer of our century.

With his photographs, Rayographs, solarizations, and experimentation with surrealist doctrines in the darkroom, his photographic bestowal to art and eminently surrealism is matchless. Amid the most celebrated of his photographs of the time are the many of Kiki. Man Ray’s photographs of Kiki frequently use the outline of her body to depict other objects. This interest in minimalism and abstraction carried over to Man Ray’s experiments with what he called “Rayographs.” research paper topics.

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Placing a three-dimensional object or series of objects on top of a piece of photographic paper and exposing it to light formed a “Rayograph”. These images musically and impressionistically represented objects such as ropes, light bulbs, and thumbtacks. Many artists heeded positively to Man Ray’s daring fusion of minimalism, chance, and flippancy. Ray’s photograms are frequently based in some way upon the human form, symbolizing a torso, or, more frequently, a face. Others, like many of his photographs, move away from visual similarity and into the domain of innuendo and allusions, copiously arcane, as Surrealism was a literary phenomenon.

His work Enigma of Isadore Ducasse, 1920 depicts a lumpy object wrapped in sacking and tied round with rope in front of a plain background. Another of the Man Ray’s best known work is Le Violin d’Ingres shows the back of his model and mistress Kiki, seated wearing only a turban and a loosely draped robe which has fallen to the bench on which she sits. To the usual photographic print Ray has added two violin ‘f‘ holes, pointing out the similarity between the shape of her back and the body of a violin. The dress and stance for this picture are obviously modeled on those of the main figure in the well-known painting by Ingres. research paper topics

In 1931 Man Ray constructed a portfolio of photographs for an improbable patron, a French electric company la Compagnie Parisienne de Distribution d’Electricité (CPDE). The company launched a campaign to increase the domestic use of electricity and wanted a special gift for its “art-minded” customers that would give visual expression to its marketing efforts. They robustly chosen…