Criminal Justice System Research paper

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Criminal Justice System Research Papers examine the criminal justice system in the United States.

This criminal justice research paper discusses the criminal justice systems in the United States, focusing on the police, the judicial process, and corrections. Brief histories of the origin of the criminal justice system is discussed in the term paper. Reference to plea bargaining is also focused upon in Criminal Justice Research Paper. Basically, every organized nation in the world has some type of system whereby criminals are dealt with in order to preserve that society and protect its citizens. Most criminal justice systems are comprised of three segments. These include the police, the judicial process, and corrections. While the American system varies somewhat from municipality to municipality, county to county, and state to state, there are even greater variations among different countries.

Overall, the American system of justice has its roots in the Constitution, which states the basic rights of all citizens. The process of justice has changed very little with regard to procedure since its inception. Due to the nature of their work, police are the most visible aspect of the criminal justice system. As a result, they are often scrutinized by the general public, and criticized for being too lenient or too harsh. This criticism stems from the fact that police have discretionary power in determining who will be arrested and for what reason.

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