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So, each and every company tries to satisfy & retain its customers providing attractive services. So, we’ve conducted our research on the customers of Banglalink to find the satisfaction level towards the company. As the satisfaction level indicator we used the following contents: Today’s market is highly competitive. So, every time competitors try to find the weakness & want to beat those points. So, the company should take customer feedback on continuous basis. That’s why excessive market research is required. Finding the customer’s demand & recommendation will help to take right decision. Table of Content . Chapter-1 (Introduction)(6-10) ? Introduction of the study 6 ? Research Objective 7 ? Limitation of the study 8 ? Significance of the study 8 ? Scope of research 8-9 ? Statement of Problem 9 2. Chaptre-3 (Research Framework) 10 3. Chapter-4 (Research Methodology)(11-13) ? Methods of research used 11 ? Respondents & sampling procedures 11-12 ? Research Instruments 12 ? Statistical Treatment of Data 13 4. Chapter-5 (Presentation of Data & Discussion of results)(14-17) 5. Chapter-6 (Summary, Conclusion & Recommendation) (18-20) ? Summary of the Findings 18-19 Conclusion 19 ? Recommendation 19-20 Bibliography 21 A. Appendix : (Questionnaire) (22-24) Chapter-1 Introduction Introduction of the study Banglalink is the second largest cellular service provider in Bangladesh after Grameenphone. As of November, 2010, Banglalink has a subscriber base of 12. 99 million. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Orascom Telecom. Banglalink had 1. 03 million connections until December, 2005. The number of Banglalink users increased by 257 per cent and stood at 3. 64 million at the end of 2006, making it the fastest growing operator in the world of that year.

In August, 2006, Banglalink became the first company to provide free incoming calls from BTTB for both postpaid and prepaid connections. On August 20, 2008, Banglalink got past the landmark of 10 million subscriber base. Organization overview In Bangladesh, Banglalink aims to understand peoples’ needs best and develop appropriate communication services to improve peoples’ life and make it simple. All our work is aimed towards meeting our vision. All members of the Banglalink family are highly passionate individuals, fully committed to achieving the vision that we have set ourselves.

Our customers’ needs matter most to us- making their life simple and improving it is all we want. To ensure our vision is achieved, we have set ourselves a few values, we want to be • Straight Forward • Reliable • Innovative • Passionate All the Banglalink family members have one thing in common- a passion to serve to go that extra mile, so that you can have the best possible service Investing in the future of Bangladesh. The biggest barrier today for people is the cost of handsets. We will strive to lower the total cost of owning a mobile.

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We are here to make a difference in people’s lives by providing affordable and reliable connectivity will strive to connect people and link their lives by listening to them and by understanding their needs. We are here to help you speak your language. Research Objective Our research objective is to find out the satisfaction level of banglalink customer. The purpose of the study is to provide a specific and accurate definition of the overall PR & communication department of banglalink. As a 2nd largest company how they are managing the public relations. • Provide an overview of the banglalink To identify the factors influencing on the marketing plan of the company • To find out the strategies need to implement for achieving its long term goal. • To measure and improve your performance • To know customers are satisfied or not by taking service • To supply products at competitive prices. • To explore public relation activities in the market. Limitation of the study: Every work when started that to face some limitations. So in our research we face some problem. Our main limitation is time. Because we do not enough time for make this project but we tried our label best to make this report is a good one.

Our second limitation was our different class schedule that why it was creating some problem when we making the survey. Our third limitation was financial fund because we are student. Significance of the study: Our research is based on the satisfaction of banglalink customers. We think from our research banglalink company will get more benefits. From our research banglalink customers relationship management can get some information about their customer’s satisfaction. In sort they can know from our research how they provide their services for their customers and how the customers react their services.

So when banglalink management observes our customers satisfaction research result based on this result they can take their decision. Scope of Research: Research type: This research is a type of descriptive study which defines the relationship between the customer satisfaction and the banglalink management. Here the customer’s satisfaction is about the measurement of the wants of banglalink customers. On the other hand, banglalink customers are the population of our project as well the respondent. Those customers who are using the banglalink sim card and use their given services.

Sample: Here the sample means the customers of banglalink those who are using the banglalik sim card and use their given services. Measurement: Basically we are come through a solution of our problem with Survey Questionnaire. And we make this Questionnaire to identify how much the customers of banglalink are satisfied. Statement of Problems: We have a solution of our problem by briefly discussed and we conducted a survey on the students group of AIUB. For that, we arrange a set of questionnaire and seeking some help from some loyal customers of banglalink.

And those customers are basically ongoing users or once used Baglalink connection and also those customers who are use from their beginning. How is their satisfaction as a customer of banglalink in their real experience? Then we are the seven members work jointly to complete a strong semester project on customer satisfaction of Banglalink whatever we get acquire knowledge from our honorable course instruct Dr. Mamun Habib during this whole semester. Chapter-3 Research Framework Research Hypothesis: Hypothesis means the assumption. We are assuming some questionnaire to our respondents and try to analysis those.

This research is coming through “One-Tailed Test” that is defined as the direction of the project. For example is that (Low/High) HO: Customers satisfaction would be greater than, less than their expectation Ha: Customers satisfaction would be less than, greater than their expectation Chapter -4 Research Methodology Methods of Research Used Difference types of research technique we are selecting descriptive research because we are finding customer satisfaction of Banglalink based on primary data. How many people are satisfied or not. Descriptive: Describes characteristics of a population or phenomenon, objects, organizations.

Some understanding of the nature of the problem. Respondents & Sampling Procedures Population is any complete group of people, sales territories, stores . Sample subset of a large population we are select people among university student they are satisfy or not. There are three types of sample size we select formula for known and unknown population because firstly select BANGLALINK service users or not. Probability sampling we use to get our respondents. This process has to each element of population an equal chance to be selected . Known, nonzero probability for every element.

Different categories sampling among these category we select simple random sampling. Simple random sampling: A sample procedure that ensures each element in the population will have an equal chance of being included in the sample. Research Instruments: Here different tools for questionnaire survey: • Simple Attitude scale • Category scale • Likert scale • Semantic scale • Numerical scale • Constant sum scale • Stapel scale • Graphical Rating scale • Graphics rating scale stressing visual communication From these survey scales we used Five point Likert Scale for conducting our survey.

We asked different questions based on BANGLALINK customer care service and collected answers through likert scale. <> <> <> Statistical Treatment of Data SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences): Based on SPSS we complete our statistical treatment. Descriptive analysis: Demographic information of respondents and estimate proportion among respondents. | | | | | | | | |Valid |52 | | |Missing |0 | Mean |1. 31 | | | | | | |N |Valid |52 | | |Missing |0 | |Variance |. 217 | Chapter-5 Presentation of data and discussion of results There are several tools available for data analysis. Like Excel, SPSS, AMOS, LISREL etc. For the collective data analysis we have used MS Excel & SPSS (Statistical Packages for the Social Sciences). The respondents’ percentage based on gender: [pic] “Banglalink’s call rate is reasonable with compare to other operators”: pic] “Banglalink provides good services at their customer care centers:” [pic] Banglalink’s network system is very strong: [pic] Banglalink has huge opportunities to become market leader of Telecommunication Industry: [pic] Chapter-6 Summary, Conclusion & Recommendation Summary of the findings: Banglalink is one of the largest telecom companies in Bangladesh. After commencing their operation in Bangladesh, Banglalink captured a large number of customers. So, other mobile operators’ customers switched the brand. But now from our research we are finding a complete different scenario.

In person we are the customers of Banglalink. So, we conducted our research on our friends & the different students’ group of AIUB to get quick access to the information. Our research shows that for the last few years Banglalink’s performance is falling gradually & failing to meet the customer’s requirement. • Most of our respondents have agreed that Banglalink’s call rate is not so high with compare to other operators. But there is also a larger group of respondents who didn’t comply with this statement. • Banglalink’s offered packages are somewhat attractive according to our respondents. A major portion of respondents have agreed that Banglalink is good at promotional activities. • Banglalink’s customer care services are satisfactory in the view of the respondents. • Banglalink has developed its internet facility recently. So, the current customers are satisfied with new services. • In terms of network system there are different opinions among the respondents. In the cities & towns the network is good, but at villages or remote places this service is very bad. As our all respondents are from Dhaka city, the respondents are satisfied with the network service. Banglalink has somewhat contribution in social development regarding our respondent’s view. • There are a few large telecom companies in our country. For the last few years GrameenPhone has been holding the market leader’s place. From our research we can see that Banglalink has no possibilities to become the market leader. Conclusion: In the country Banglalink has come with the mission of “Din Bodoler Pala”. At their market entrance they showed huge possibilities to become the market leader. They captured the most of their customers within their first two years of operation.

But with times customers are leaving Banglalink. Recently a new operator has penetrated into the telecom industry. Besides the former operators are diversifying their packages & offerings. But Banglalink had failed to cope up these new changes in the industry. They also offered some new packages, but those are not sufficient to cope up the situation. To attract different group of customers, Banglalink should take different approaches to gain new customers. Recommendations: Banglalink is a large organization & they are skilled & well experienced to take any decision.

Our research shows that dissatisfaction is generating among the customers of Banglalink. So, we have come up with some recommendations: Bibliography To prepare our report we took help from several internet based websites. We are cordially grateful to those internet site authorities & author who provides the information. • www. google. com • www. banglalinkgsm. com • www. wikipedia. com A. Appendix: Questionnaire Survey (Banglalink’s customer satisfaction evaluation) 01. Have you ever used Banglalink connection? ? Yes. ? No. 02. Which product did you used or using? ? Pre-paid. ? Postpaid. 3. How long have you used or have you been using Banglalink connection? ? Less than 6 months. ? 6 months – 1 year. ? 1 – 2 years. ? 2 – 3 years. ? More than 3 years. 04. Banglalink’s call rate is reasonable with compare to other operators. <> <> <> 05. Banglalink’s offered packages are very attractive. ? Strongly agree ? Agree ? Neutral ? Disagree ? Strongly disagree 06. Banglalink’s promotional activities are very effective. ? Strongly agree ? Agree ? Neutral ? Disagree ? Strongly disagree 07. Banglalink has its customer care centers at convenient and important places. ? Strongly agree Agree ? Neutral ? Disagree ? Strongly disagree 08. Banglalink provides good services at their Customer care centers. ? Strongly agree ? Agree ? Neutral ? Disagree ? Strongly disagree 09. Banglalink’s employees are skilled & highly professional. ? Strongly agree ? Agree ? Neutral ? Disagree ? Strongly disagree 10. Banglalink provides attractive internet services. ? Strongly agree ? Agree ? Neutral ? Disagree ? Strongly disagree 11. Banglalink’s information is highly available. ? Strongly agree ? Agree ? Neutral ? Disagree ? Strongly disagree 12. Banglalink’s network system is very strong? Strongly agree ? Agree ? Neutral ? Disagree ? Strongly disagree 13. Banglalink has significant contribution towards social development? ? Strongly agree ? Agree ? Neutral ? Disagree ? Strongly disagree 14. Banglalink has huge opportunities to become market leader of Telecommunication Industry. ? Strongly agree ? Agree ? Neutral ? Disagree ? Strongly disagree 15. Your gender: ? Male ? Female 16. Your age: ? Less than 18. ? 18 – 22 ? 23 – 25 ? 26- 35 ? More than 35 17. Your profession: ? Student ? Service Holder ? Businessman ? Housewife ? Unemployed[pic][pic][pic] ———————– THANKS