David Berkowitz: A Serial Killer

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The Path of David Borrowers Research Paper Table of Contents Paragraph Topic Introduction David Borrowers Early Life 2 Family & Childhood Psychological theory 3 Psychosocial Development “The Son of Sam” 4 The Killings Letter RSI 5 David and N. Y. P. D Conducting the Killings 6 Lack of Preparation Interview with Borrowers 7 Confession by David Borrowers Conclusion David Borrowers arrested on August 10, 1977, was a serial killer from New York who killed six victims and leaving others injured. Known as the Son of Sam or . 44 Caliber Killers by the New York Police department and the U. S.

While Borrowers claimed to be possessed by demons and called himself “The Son of Sam. ” Borrowers falls under the psychological theory due to the traumas he went through his early life. David Borrowers was the son of Tony and Betty Falco, born on June 1, 1953 and named Richard David Falco. His father left his mother for another woman leaving his mother to eventually have an affair with a married man. When she got pregnant of this man he threatened her to leave her if she kept the child. Right when the child was born he was put up for adoption but Betty Falco put Tony Falco as his biological father.

After a few days he was adopted by a middle age couple Nathan and Pearl Borrowers who renamed him David Borrowers and raised him as their only son. Borrowers grew up being a kid who kept to himself due to him following his adoptive parents’ ways. In this scenario he would fall under Behaviorism which emphasizes on “The role of previous learning experiences in shaping behavior. “l Although he adopted his step parents’ ways he was a smart kid, he played baseball as an outside activity and to breast cancer during his teenager years which deeply affected him due to his close allegations to her.

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Borrowers then went on and Joined the U. S. Army at the age of 18. He was discharge in 1974 and as soon as he came back to the states he located his birth mother and decided to meet up with her. She talked to him about the truth of his birth and his real father, he also discovered that he had a half-sister. As time passed he eventually stopped visiting his birth mother but still kept some contact with his half-sisters. He then went on to move into an apartment in New York and got a Job in the post Office, and that’s when his isolation and anti-solicitation finally got to him as he started to have delusional ideas.

David Borrowers falls into the category of psychological theory due to his early life traumas. Some people believe that one thing which triggered this delusional state in his head which led him to do the killings was the fact of being adopted, some people believe this is one of the main causes in many cases which affects dramatically a person’s mental health due to them feeling remorse or anger by blaming themselves for their parents not wanting them.

Another cause that may eave caused the delusional state of his was the story of his mother dying while giving birth to him which naturally would make him feel guilty for causing his mother’s death. He was an anti-social kid due to him following his adoptive parent’s ways, as he also felt guilt for his mother’s dead, he blamed himself and felt angry which answers why he had a reputation of being a troubled and a bully in his old neighborhood. Some people believe that when a person has remorse in their life or anger they tend to release it by hurting others.

I think the main reason that triggered is delusional state was when he met his biological mother, who described to him the reason for the adoption making him feel hate against her and his biological father for not keeping him. I believe these things affected him in a lot of ways, first of all Just for the fact that he thought she had died giving birth to him which made him feel anger towards himself and then finding out she was still alive which had made him feel remorse while he was growing up and made him feel resentment towards his adoptive mother.

These things helped his delusional state trigger which caused him o believe demons were talking to him. This event in his early life makes him fall under the category of Psychosocial Development which is in the Psychoanalytic theory which was proposed by Sigmund Freud, this theory states that “that personality is mostly established by the age of five. Early experiences play a large role in personality development and continue to influence behavior later in life. “3 It was on Christmas in 1975 when he said that the demons started talking to him and made him go out into the streets to kill women, which would become his first victim.

He then moved into another home where the howling dogs of the neighborhood kept Borrowers from sleeping and with his delusional state already in function his mind translated them supposedly into messages from demons telling him to go kill more women. After that he then moved into another home still in New York where his the dog would bark during the night he believed that the dog was talking to him and telling him to conduct more killings. It was after that when he eventually shot the neighbor’s dog that had been barking continuously and moved into another apartment where the “Son of Sam” would eventually be created.

He wrote a letter to his neighbor explaining that he had to kill the dog because he was posse, this letter would be later matched with “The Son of Sam” letters. He said that the demons who were talking to him were so powerful that they were following him, he even stated that it could be Satan himself. 4 Another reason I believe he falls into the psychological theory is because during his killings he would send letter to the police department and the social medias like the newspaper.

He would get the excitement and pleasure of seeing his name across the swapper headlines and would get the arousal of having control over the media and the police department like many other serial killers. This proves he really suffers from mental problems due to the excitement he would get out of the killings and the greater arousal he would get from controlling all these people. His letters would be printed in the newspapers and all the letters he would write to them he were signed by “The Son of Sam” not as David.

Another reason why he falls under the category of psychological theories is that he created a character for himself and named it “The Son of Sam,” in one of the letters he wrote to the Police Department he even described “Sam” as a father who would hit his family, who would lock him in the basement and who even had bodies buried on his own backyard. Another psychological issue he had was that he would even taunt the police department by telling them in his letters that the next killing was coming or that he was a monster, he was playing a game with them where he would even dare them in his letters that they wouldn’t find him.

It is clear that David Borrowers was not a born killer due to his lack of preparation for is killings. Borrowers wouldn’t stalk or choose his victims. Although he targeted women and couples, he would execute his killings in an amateur way showing no signs of preparation. This could be proven due to his continuously mistake of leaving a few victims hurt as he would Just shoot not aim. His mental illness or demons as he would call them were so thirsty for blood that he wouldn’t think about the clues he left behind as a few victims who survived the attacks were able to give the authorities a testimony of his looks.

He would also not think about his gun which left the same hells in all the crime scenes which eventually the Police linked all the attacks together and that how he first got the name of “The . 44 Caliber Killer. ” Another sign of his impulsive ways of conducting his killings was the way he was caught as he was one out of two people who got a ticket on the night of his last shooting. Later on during 1979 a FBI veteran named Robert Resellers interviewed David Borrowers and told Borrowers that he didn’t believe his demon stories which he had stated during his trials.

He admitted to Resellers “That his real reason for shooting women was out of assessment toward his own mother, and because of his inability to establish good relationships with women. ” He would become sexually aroused in the stalking and a lot of certain points and actions that make him fall under the category of psychological theories. Whether he was insane and possessed by demons or that he just killed women due to the resentment he had toward his mother or even Just for sexual arousal reasons, to me he suffers from psychological issues, which were triggered after the traumas that occurred early in his life.