Final Exam Study Guide

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By providing this review, I hope to channel your preparation and study for the final examination to key areas concerning organizational development and hang, but remember you are responsible for all the information covered since the beginning of class. One should ensure a comprehensive knowledge of the Core Learning Objectives, delineated in each Weeks Overview, Objectives and Weekly Activities, sub section “The Objectives” and denoted by a light blue box with a black key in it.

Additionally, one should thoroughly know the following: Per Donald Brown, define organization development Describe conditions that require organization change and renewal? What is corporate culture? Be able to provide two examples of culture from a current organization or organizations that you have been associated with in the past. DO Development has five stages; the first is ‘Anticipate a Need to Change”. Describe the other four stages. (Hint: Remember the table of contents for the research paper? ) List and describe the three types of DO practitioner (practitioner). Compare and contrast the five basic DO practitioner (practitioner) styles?

What is organizational diagnosis? How can it help the organization? Describe three diagnostic models. What are DO interventions strategies? Identify the three basic DO intervention techniques. Identify the ways groups cope with change. List the values and ethics that are of primary importance to DO practitioner Know about job enrichment and the dimension that can effect motivation and satisfaction What is employee empowerment and why is it important? List five restraining forces that block implementation of change programs List eight strategies to increase motivation to change Define interpersonal interventions.

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Describe three types of interpersonal interventions. Thoroughly understand and describe inter-group interventions. Thoroughly understand the difference between team and inter-group interventions. Describe two types of inter-group intervention. Thoroughly understand and describe team interventions. Describe two examples of a team intervention. What are System level interventions? Can be described as a structural design framework for viewing an organization that examines (1) the way the organization is designed, (2) the organization’s work processes, and (3) the interaction of individuals and teams within the flows and structures of the system.