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Sample Suggested Topics for the Research Reports (Position Papers) ENG 232 Research Project Requirements: Professor T. McMillan Due date: Friday, April 19, 2013 (for Typed Research Paper) The Annotated Bibliography and the Research Project (written and oral) will count for three (3) total grades, so it is important for each person to be prepared and submit work on time. Purpose of This Assignment- To have students explore and reflect on a specific area of world literature, or to examine a controversial global issue that affects everyone in some way.

Each student should be able to arrive at a valid, educated answer to a critical question. Length – minimum of 4-5 pages, not including a cover sheet and a reference page. Style – PAPA format / Times Roman font unless the student is an English major who chooses to use the MALL format. Research – Each student will need to incorporate a minimum of 5 sources into this research paper (books, online Journals and other sources). Sources should include (valid) primary and secondary sources. Please use our library online Journals and other reputable sources.

It is not safe to Google for information unless you can verify that it’s from a valid source. Quotes – Remember, it is more effective to paraphrase whenever students want to include ideas from another source/ author. Students should limit the number of direct quotes to no more than 10-15% of the paper. Include: Quotes from Primary Research; Quotes or Paraphrases from Secondary Sources; and Visual Aid(s). Basic Topics: Examining the Human Condition Common Themes or “Truths” in World Literature Heritage Literature Global Issues

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Examine the research, and develop a thesis that can be supported with facts and statistics. 12) What role (if any) does a country’s resources/ minerals/ riches play in America’s military occupations? Examine our military and non-military roles in Viet Name, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Discuss who the main “players” have been in these conflicts. 13) Should we as a nation continue to celebrate Black History Month? Examine the research and history of this celebration, and provide evidence to support or refute the continuation of this February celebration.