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It is the fact of light that nothing is forever and nothing is for last long. The matter only is memories. The remembrance is what we learned from the past. Here, I would like to talk about my ESL 203 class, which I have attended recently. It is almost ending of this class and I would say that this is the most amazing class that I have attended yet. Moreover, I will always going to remember the way of professor’s teaching method and ending with this class am taking away the skill and knowledge of writing essay on any situation and n any environment with me.

Firstly, would say that when I have attend the ESL 203 class, I was little bit worried and I had no confidence at that moment of studying this subject. But after attending the first class, got the full confidence about studying this class because the professor gave the whole description about the subject and gave the guidance about writing the homework. will never going to forget the method that professor using to teach all of us. Professor always puts her attention on each student and xplains the topic again and again until we get understand.

The way she was using to solve the problem by calling each student personally is quite unforgettable. I am sure this technique will be more useful to me in my next 1ST classes and it is surely going to help me to be more communicative with the other professors. Secondly, after attending the ESL 203 class, I have learned a lot of things. The most important thing that I learned in ESL 203 class is how to write different types of essay, for example problem solution ssay, summary response essay. I got the skill about the structure, format of easy.

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Additionally, have also sharpened my grammar with ESL 203 class. All and all ESL 203 class improved my skill and knowledge regarding writing essay with proper grammar technique and proper format. So, would say that am taking away something from ESL 203 class is Skill and knowledge of writing essay, which going to help me in my further study for my research paper as well as in my work place. At the end, I will always remember the trategy which professor was using to teach us and I got the ability of writing the essay in any circumstances from ESL 203 class.

My experience with ESL 203 class was tremendous. I was always eager to know more techniques of learning from the professor. It was quite nice experience for me of attending ESL 203 class. Finally, I would like to say that it does not matter what you had in the past? What you have now? And what you have attended. It matters only what you have remembered from the past and what you have learned from your past and how you will go to use it.