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She defines the wiretap awe, with facts and detailed examples. This article also provides Information of the types of wiretapping that the government uses. It Is very detailed In Its examples of each topic Greenhouse brings up. I will use this article in my paper mostly for the perspective of wiretapping history. It also gives me reasons on why wiretapping needs some improvement, and it really stays true with the topic throughout the whole article. Abdullah, Malta. “Warranties Wiretapping Under The HAS Amendments Act. ” Human Rights 39. (2013): 11-16. Academe search premier. Web. 8 Feb.. 015. This article was written about the several accounts of violations of the FIST Amendments Act. This act on which was made to make sure all wiretapping by any agency needed warrants. This act was broken when President George W. Bush secretly authorized the NSA to use warranties wiretapping. This article goes In depth about the positives and the engraves of the FIST act. This article creates points and poses questions that are backed up with facts and true information.

I think this would be a good article for my research essay. It lets me look at the past wiretapping amendments, and the things that are wrong with them. Shah, Knap. “Surveillance State: NSA Spying and more. ” Global Issues. 07 Cot. 2013. Web. 08 Feb.. 2015. <http://wuw. globalissues. org/article/802/surveillance-state>. Nap Shah writes an article about the reveal of the NSA spying on citizens of America and other countries. This Is helpful for my topic, because the way the NSA was spying on clansman. They were wiretapping peoples cell phones, and other electronic illegal.

She backs up her information by using quite a bit of other resources. Using ones of other quotes and articles. It is very lengthy and in depth, organized with several sub sections. I like this article for several reasons. She goes into several different topics, mostly created with questions about the way the NSA uses wiretapping to their advantage. It is very organized, and lengthy. This article gives me tons of information, that I can use to my advantage for my final research paper. Defile, Whitfield, and Susan Landau. “Brave New World Of Wiretapping. Scientific At-enact 299. 3 (2008): 56-63. Academic search premier. Web. 8 Feb.. 2015. Susan Landau, a distinguished engineer at Sun Microsystems Laboratories, works on an article with Whitfield Edified, a chief security officer at Sun Microsystems. They write about the topic of wiretapping. They explore the topic from different perspective and many points. They talk about things like the history of wiretapping, the effect it has on the internet, and the results of cyber wars created from wiretapping. They back their information up with mostly eye witness accounts.

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This article is great for Just its thick details. I like it because its only giving the reader information about three major topics. Each topic is explained in full detail, and re- evaluated with key concepts. Wiretapping in the Digital Age. Washington, D. C. : National Public Radio, 2007. Protest. Web. 8 Feb.. 2015. So this article is something very different from others. Actually it really isn’t an article. It’s a written form of a broadcast from a national public radio in Washington DC. During this broadcast, Dry. Landau explains the real truth about wiretapping.

She talks about the actual truth behind it, rather than the more of biased science fiction ay we sometimes think about it. She talks about how wiretapping changes with all the technological advances we have now days. She goes into depth about her theory that wiretapping is more of an art, instead of a science. I like this article for one reason. It explains the real truth behind wiretapping. When I read this, it really changed the way I thought about it, and the picture I visualize in my head when thinking about it. Gibbs, Mark. “Illegal Wiretapping is a Dangerous Wedge. Network World 24. 48 (2007): 50. Protest. Web. 8 Feb.. 015. Mark Gibbs talks about the dangerous wedge about wiretapping. He mostly explores the truth about the NSA taking over private cellular companies to use for wiretapping. He talks about AT&T allowing the NSA to do illegal wiretapping. He explores the reality of the NSA illegally wiretapping civilians of the US. I like this article, because this gives me a source I can use in my final that overuses the privilege to wiretap. I have read in many sources that tells me the NSA overuses “Wiretapping could Increase the Cost of E-commerce. News 6. 37 (2001): 1. Protest. Web. 8 Feb.. 2015. Electronic Commerce This article explores more of the negative side of wiretapping. This article explains how wiretapping can increase the cost of e-commerce or electronic commerce. The article talks about how increased wiretapping could create a “confidence gap” in your business. I really like this article, because it gives me a way to think about the negatives of wiretapping. It also gives me a source to use in my final that talks about the effect wiretapping could have on the economy.