Intro to Criminal Justice Research paper

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Intro to Criminal Justice research papers delve into a popular undergraduate course that one may take at the university level.

A popular undergraduate course that one may take at the university level is “Intro to Criminal Justice.” Students may find that Intro to Criminal Justice will explore the historical development, current state, and future of the criminal justice system. The differences between civil, criminal, and social justice are presented along with the theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of American criminal justice.

The modern criminal justice system is explored in detail, including the definition of law, what constitutes a crime, how society may respond to that act, policing strategies, and the correctional system. The American criminal justice system is comprised of three major institutions, all of which are explored and defined: Police, Corrections, and Courts. Intro to Criminal Justice will also explore the theoretical foundations that comprise both research in criminology, but also the practical workings of the criminal justice system.

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There are a number of different texts that may be presented in an Intro to Criminal Justice class, such as Gaines and Miller’s Criminal Justice in Action or Criminal Justice: Realities and Challenges by Ruth Masters. Information will be presented in different ways both in text and lecture, but the major core concepts, types of crime, causes of crimes, policing operations, and the court system will provide a basic overview of the American criminal justice system.