Is a College Degree Necessary

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Annotated Bibliography Burros, Tristan. “Is a College Degree Still Worth It? ” Whetstone. Wesley. Du. Whetstone, n. D. Web. 8 May 2013. -Tristan get right to the point in this source. She examines the uses of a college degree and gives insight in whether it is worth it in this day and age. She feels that now more then ever high school students are made to feel that they wont succeed unless they attend college. She uses research to show that college grads, if employed, usually make $20,000 more then someone with only a high school diploma.

She lives that only people who are motivated to earn a degree should apply to college. This source goes with the theme of my paper and will help me conduct my argument on who should be going to college. Goby, Pascal-Emmanuel. “The Jobs Of The Future Don’t Require A College Degree. ” Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 07 May 2013. Web. 10 May 2013. -This article from Forbes examines the “Jobs of the Future. ” Although they might be Jobs for highly trained individuals they don’t require a college degree and there will be a new Job market emerging in the near future.

The Job’s listed do seem to be or people with some sort if training or having gone to a trade school. I would like to argue in my research paper that even though a college degree may not be necessary, people planning in pursuing a career in these industries will have to have formal training with may or may not cost money. Also you may not have many options I you do not receive a Job you have been trained to do such as a rebel worker. Ester, Gerald D. “Life as a Psychologist: Career Choices and Insights: Career Choices and Insights from Veterans [Version Kindle]. Life as a Psychologist: Career Choices ND Insights: Career Choices and Insights from Veterans EBook: Gerald D. Ester: Amazon. Sees: Tinned Kindle. N. P. , 2006. Web. 8 May 2013. -This source was very interesting since it gave insight into graduate degrees and wasn’t focusing Just college degrees in general. They main theme of this particular part of the book was focused on why one may want to attend grad school. The reasons could be achieving expertise in a particular field or Just going on to higher your education. I hope to use this in my essay be showing the multiple reasons why people should go to college and earn a degree.

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Most would agree that they would like to make more money witch they hope to do with a degree, this isn’t always the case and people go for all different reasons. I would like to discuss people going to college to “find themselves” when using this source. Rooks, Gossip, and Tania Level. “What Can You Do With That Degree? College Major And Occupational Status Of College Graduates Over Time. ” Social Forces (University Of North Carolina Press) 89. 2 (2010): 389-415. Academic Search Premier. Web. 10 -Gossip discusses the inequality between occupational statuses that college radiates are facing.

This source if focusing on the differences between degrees when it comes time to find a Job and Join the work force. Some degrees are in higher demand making it easier for people with those types of degrees to find a Job. Also some people earn degrees focusing in a certain occupation but go on to work Jobs is a different area of business. This will be useful for the paragraph from the opposing side of my argument. It author is basically saying that people waste time earning a degree that they don’t use and end up working a low income Job. Smith, Rodney K.

Yes, college is worth the costs. ” USA Today n. D. : Academic Search premier. Web. 10 May 2013. -The source was written by the president of a small college and discusses the value in going to college. The start of the source discusses statistics of unemployment and the weekly income for various educations levels. I chose to include this in my essay because the statistic will help me argue my point. The periodical goes on to discuss 2 true anecdotes. The first one is a story about a young athlete and how college opened him up to a world of music.

The second tell the story f the author’s father and how he complete law school while working. This source offers factual evidence and true life stories of how college changed two peoples lives for the better. SUPPING, VICKIE. “What’s A Degree Worth? Report Has Answers, By Major. ” Chronicle Of Higher Education 57. 38 (201 1): AAA. Academic Search Premier. Web. 10 May 2013. -The article written by Ms. Supping focuses on the different types of degrees and how they rank on the pay scale. The source discusses the percentage different between associate degrees, bachelor’s degree and master degree.

According to the author, bachelor degrees are worth the money since you will make more in the long run. I plan on using this in my paper by mentioning how college graduates find work easier then other based on the type of degree they earn. Vickie also says that in more occupations men tend to make more money then women. Wang, Penelope. “IS college still worth The pence?. ” Money 37. 9 (2008): 86-94. Academic Search Premier. Web. 10 May 2013. -The article opens with the fact that colleges are raising the price of tuition and how quickly it is rising compared to inflation.

The author states that, “salaries for people with B. A. S are falling. ” This means that not only are colleges over prices, they also are not consistent with the rate of inflation, and once you earn a degree there is a high possibility that there wont be any Jobs available to you. Since this is arguing against my topic I plan on using it for the “opposing side. ” Showing the opposing side and the financial challenge that college could bring will show one of the main reasons why people chose not a attend college. This source also has good facts and static that help me argue against my main topic for the opposing side.