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The UK Klux Klan has had three different time periods of existence. The first time the group was created, it was created by a group of six men: John Lester, Calvin Jones, Richard Reed, James Crower, Frank McCoy, and John Kennedy (Bartlett 25). Author Susan Bartlett said, “they came up with the name The Knights of the UK Klux Klan by ‘UK Klux’ and ‘Klan’ both meaning ‘band or circle’ ” (25). Each of the six creators had a certain leadership role in the group. Frank McCoy was the Grand Cyclops, or the president. John Kennedy was the Grand Magi, or vice president.

James Crower was the Grand Turk, or master of ceremonies. Calvin Jones and John Lester were Night Hawks, or messengers. Finally, Richard Reed was the Locator, Lane 2 or guarder of the den (29). The men came across an abandoned, run down, storm worn house that they adopted as their den. Bartlett states, “it gave off a very eerie feeling that made it even more suiting for the Clan’s meetings” (29). The addition of members was a very humiliating ceremony that consisted of hazing by placing a donkey hat on their head. The new members were sworn to secrecy upon their admittance.

As the next summers came along, several dens sprang up along Tennessee and the Klan gradually grew larger. Once the Klan was large enough, they started raiding linen closets to get their famous white sheet uniforms. They then rode through the night yelling in eerie voices and claiming to be ghosts of past Confederate soldiers to scare off the African Americans. Some believed them and others would play along with the crazy idea to stay out of harm’s way (26). This was the very start of the famous actions of the UK Klux Klan.

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The first Klan did not last long, though before they disbanded for a while. In 1915, The UK Klux Klan had a “second incarnation” or revival. The founder was William Joseph Simmons (Wishers n. P. ). On Thanksgiving night in 1915, Simmons led a group of twelve friends to the top of Stone Mountain in Georgia. He had the traditional burning cross to swear the twelve men into the UK Klux Klan as charter members. Along with keeping the tradition of the burning cross, the second Klan also continued the traditions of secret passwords, rituals, and handshakes to keep the secrecy of the group.

To be a member of the new K. K. K. There was a ten-dollar fee along with the cost of a white robe, which was another tradition that was upheld (Scavenge n. P. ). The Klan was UK Klux Klan Research Paper By acetylene 224 the UK Klux Klan. ” William Joseph Simmons was the “Imperial Wizard” over the Empire and beneath his rule the Klan was divided into eight “domains” all under a “Grand Goblin. ” Each state was a realm under a “Grand Dragon” and the realms were Lane 3 divided into “Provinces” under “Great Titans. Provinces were divided into local Klan, each under an “Exalted Cyclops” (Scavenge n. P. ). This means that Simmons had another idea for the purpose of the UK Klux Klan. By still keeping most of the traditions of the first group, he made it his own by making himself the leader over his win Empire. The second Klan was a fraternal organization based on ideals of racial purity and traditional morality (Scavenge n. P. ). The Klan still used anti-black theory but they went beyond that and also targeted Catholics, Jews, and foreigners (PBS n. P. ).

Expert Wishers states, “they used moral suasion, political influence, and the occasional violence to accomplish their objectives” (Wishers n. P. ). They also promoted fundamentalism and devout patriotism along with encouraging white supremacy (Wishers n. P. ). In the Northern Plains, the Klan rarely resulted to violence, but in the South, the Klan was involved in public whippings, homicides, and lynching’s. The reason that the UK Klux Klan did not like the Catholics was because they believed that in their religion, the priest had more influence over the wife and kids of a family than the man of the house did.

They also believed that Catholics could not be good Americans if they had allegiance to the pope, and that Catholics were very exclusive by having separate schools. The Clan’s propaganda portrayed the Catholics as trying to winnow their way into the government and then turn America over to Rome. The K. K. K. Was also suspicious of Jews, saying that they paid allegiance to Palestine and that they controlled international banks (“Anti- Immigration” n. P. ). Basically, The UK Klux Klan had a lot of hate towards many ethnic and religious groups, but had no real reasons.

This information shows how much off biased group the K. K. K. Really was. Lane 4 The K. K. K. Launched a national campaign in 1919 that caused the Klan to grow rapidly to about ten million members by 1924 (“Anti-limitation” n. P. ). Klan membership numbers really picked up in northern states when African Americans grated to northern industrial cities and competed for Jobs with white workers (n. P. ). Once the Klan was large enough and had spread widely throughout the North and the South, the Klan devised a plan called the “decade. Every member of the K. K. K. Was responsible for recruiting ten people to vote for the Klan candidates in elections (PBS n. P. ). In 1924, the Klan got officials elected from coast to coast. There were mayors in Maine, Portland, and Portland, Oregon. In some states, such as Colorado and Indiana, they placed enough Clansmen in positions of power to effectively control the state government. PBS says, “people could feel the presence of the UK Klux Klan working in the government” (PBS n. P. ). Klan membership was not just limited to Just the poor.

Middle-class people also got the white robes of the Klan. People like doctors, lawyers, and even some ministers supported the K. K. K. (PBS n. P. ). No person of authority could truly be trusted while the K. K. K. Was in power. Klan membership in Texas was 190,000 and Oklahoma was up to 95,000. Membership in point in time the K. K. K. Was taking over the South and parts of the North. The Klan also had too much power in the government than they deserved. Just like the first UK Klux Klan, the second Klan came to an end when membership decreased in 1925.

Violence within the Klan increased and opposition and corruption also became and issue. One of the Clan’s leaders was accused of rape and murder, which robbed the Klan of its claim to moral leadership. By the sass, the Clan’s acts were considered Lane 5 American. The government ended up suing the Klan in 1944 for back taxes which caused them to finally disband the group (Wishers n. P. ). The second UK Klux Klan of the sass portrayed their thoughts about race, politics, and religion in a very hateful ND harsh way.

They upheld the traditions and rituals and anti-black discrimination. They also found reasons to be hateful towards people, not because of the color of their skin, but also by what religion they were. The K. K. K. Took control of the government when they had the chance to try and force people to believe what they did. The UK Klux Klan was an embarrassing part of American history and there is a saying that history always repeats itself. What does America have to do to make sure another horrible group does not form and take control of the country again?