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Title Page Abstract The rationale of this research paper is to help the final consumers be more aware of the impact of their purchasing power in uplifting the economic status of the Philippine market. This has something to do with the comparison involving the sales income of the micro-businesses in the state and those of the marketing strategy of SMS Superman’s which merely focuses on retail. One of the factors in coming up with this idea is the fact that shopping has been a prominent activity made by the Filipino people, be it for leisure or for imperative matters.

Thus, proceeds of every centavo a buyer gives off should be made known to him. The economic dispute among micro-businesses and that of retail stores has been an immense issue for the competition has been leveling up as time goes by. The drastic effect does not Just concern their industry but mostly the welfare of the end consumers. Therefore it is a must to discern the monetary outflow of the sales incurred by the shopping malls and those of the Mess or Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. Acknowledgement

The satisfaction and euphoria which accompany the triumphant completion of any task would be incomplete without mentioning the people who made it possible and We, the researchers, would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Tatty. Cleveland Z. Bulla who really had inspired us through his valuable insights to continue with our work. Also our appreciation to the pecuniary and moral support our parent’s have given us. We are deeply indebted to them for without their assistance, this report would not have been a possibility. List of Tables List of Figures

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