Medicine and Birth Defects

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Introduction Charlene is a lovely new mother with a clean-cut lifestyle, and wife is devoted to her husband Sebastian of 5 years. Even though she did everything the doctor instructed (including: taking certain medications, eating fresh organic food, and getting daily exercise), when she went to every check-up visit, both her calorie level and blood pressure was fine. Also, her blood pressure was reasonable, and she was extremely healthy. Her BOB/GYM instructed her to take medications such as Paxar, Prominent, and Morphine. However, her world took a turn for the worst when her baby was born tit several birth defects.

Birth defects are described as “problems that happened while a baby is growing during pregnancy’ (March of Dimes). Birth defects can also cause damage mentally and physically; it may also cause an infant to die. Approximately one of thirty three babies is born with a birth defect every year (Pillar). In the continent of Europe, it is a possibility that the babies born will have a birth defect that will affect their existence here on earth (McClellan). Majority of the birth defects a child has the chance of getting will be a deformity of the heart, spinal cord, or limbs (McClellan).

As stated by March of Dimes, there are many different things that can cause a child to have a birth defect. Prescription drugs given too woman, because of an illness they had prior to the pregnancy may cause a child to have a birth. When you consume medication it enters in to your blood stream, and navigates throughout your body. That is why it so effective. Therefore every medication your take, your baby is taking it also. Being that newborn babies are so young and the different parts of their body haven’t developed fully their bodies has a negative reaction to the medicine.

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Fact being that their immune system hasn’t developed fully n their body, their bodies can’t fight off the diseases. This means that the medication the mother has taken will still affect them even though they’re in an embryo sac. Most people do not realize that over the counter drugs, such as Ethylene and David, can also cause birth defects in infants. Statistics have shown that in the year of 2006, birth defects are the number one cause of infant deaths in the United States, with 5,819 deaths (Center for Disease Control and Prevention).

With that being stated, more than likely these deaths were caused by a drug that is linked too birth defect. Due to he information I have found out, my research paper will examine what medications linked to all these factors, will also cause a birth defect. Understanding the medications that cause birth defects Paxar, or a Selective Serotonin Eruptive Inhibitor (SIR), is linked to many heart birth defects and several birth defects many more (Takeaway. Com). Over 600 birth defect cases have been filed about this infamous drug (The Public Record). The drug company that produces Paxar has paid $3. 9 billion in legal matters (The Public Record). On October 13, 2009 the Killer family sued Paxar for $2. 5 million, because heir child was born with three cardiac birth defects (The Public Record). Most anti-depressants can cause several dangerous birth major health problems. What the medication is designed to prevent (Frigidaire). These medications are also cause abdominal wall defects, anal treaties, and many more health problems that can affect a person for the rest of their life (Frigidaire). Although, these anti- depressants are taken to ensure the mother has great health; they can cause her to lose her unborn child.

Due to the fact, both Arapaho and Zloty can cause a child to have PAN; it is risky for a mother to stop taking this drug. Zloty not only has the possibility to harm the child, but it can also harm the mother. Zloty can cause the mother to become constipated, have abdominal pain, or cause have blood pressure change; in addition to, the pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, contractions, and so on (Emmett). Therefore Zloty will make pregnancy much harder than what it already is, and will also increase the pregnancy symptoms.

Being that there are drugs given to a woman when a complication occurs during the pregnancy that may interact with anti-depressants this cause the mother to make tough decisions about her health and the health of her child. The woman is now torn between two opinions does she risk her health for the health of her child or does she risk her child’s health for the sake of her well-being. Being that she can stop taking at any time, if she is not dependent on it, will be the most logical decision for her to make. Not only do anti-depressants bring about birth defects, anti-cancer medications also have the ability to cause many birth defects.

Kaleidoscopically, taken by either the father or the mother, may cause their child to be born with a birth malformation (American Cancer Society). Kaleidoscopically will increase the chances of a person avian heart problems if it intermingles with Distribution (which is used to treat cancer) (American Cancer Society). In August 12, Wang Hay had cleft lip; some assume that her parents took some type of anti-cancer medication that caused this (Confrere). The anti-depressant that they may have taken could very well have been Kaleidoscopically.

The medication Tomcat can cause cleft lip in newborn babies and side effects that are notorious for causing major problems during the pregnancy. It can cause the mother to have parenthesis, mental dysfunctions, injuries, speech problems, and many more (Emmett). There are medications used to treat these side effects, and they may also have the ability to cause birth defects. These side effects can affect the fetus as well, being that everything the mother endures so does the child. One of the side effects of Tomcat is high blood pressure, and this proposes a serious problem for the mother.

Hydroelectrically is known to treat high blood pressure. However, when it links up with Tomcat, it can increase the substance Tomcat in your blood and one will have to see a doctor to tackle this problem (Emmett). Doctors that prescribe this drug have been known to instruct an expecting mother to still take this rug, even though it has the possibility to hurt the baby. A medicine that is given to a person in order to prevent seizures can cause several birth deformities. Prominent can cause birth defects that can be circumvented by an exceedingly amount of folic acid (Emmett).

Prominent is also known as Mussolini, it has several side effects such depressants, Metal, Anesthetics, Difficult, HIVE/AIDS medicines, Morphine, Sopranos, Canal, and several others can interaction with this drug can have a negative effect on the mother (Emmett). Interactions with this drug can increase the risk of side effects, rower the helpfulness of the drugs, or change the amount of the medications in your blood system (Emmett). Being that it is common for a woman to get a yeast infection when pregnant she may have to take Difficult to get rid of her yeast infection.

Now the mother has to choose rather to take Difficult (which will get rid of her yeast infection), or continue to take Prominent (which prevents he seizures). Organ defects, facial distortions, and several other birth defects can be caused by anti-seizure medications. Planned Parenthood says that, “pills that are used to prevent pregnancy, also known s birth control pills, have the potential to cause birth defects in women” (Planned Parenthood). Even though, Hazy is the leading birth control pill in the market today, there is a possibility this pill may cause birth defects (Pillar).

Hazy can cause you to have blood clots anywhere in your body, and death (Brown). Elizabeth Ripper, a twenty year old female, death was caused by Hazy (Brown). This birth control has side effects for example: heat attacks, gallbladder problems, liver bleeding, breast cancer, liver cancer, liver bleeding, bloody cough, and numerous of others (Brown). Also Planned Parenthood states, that taking birth control during the beginning stages of the pregnancy increases the risk of a birth defect. There are some HIVE/AIDS medications that can cause birth defects also, which is ironic being that this disease is a birth defect within itself.

One-third of the infants born to mother that were tested to be HIVE/AIDS have AIDS by the tender age of 18 months old (APPC. Org). AIDS is the ninth leading cause of death in toddlers. It is predicted to be in the top five as the time passes by. Peppier, Austria, and other antiterrorism, or medicines to lower the damage HIVE does to the body, can increase he risk of cleft palate. Many other commonly known drugs will cause a child to be born with a birth defect. Reports have shown that Depot caused complications in the fetus twenty-eight percent of the time when the mother consumes this medication in 2004 (Monotheist).

Complications may include the death of a fetus, not being born on time, or a birth defect. If a woman aspires to be pregnant one day they should not take Colloid, it will harm her baby even if she stops taking this medication, weeks before she gets pregnant (Monotheist). Many of the side effects the drugs can be caused by drugs are much worse than the robber the pregnant women took these drugs to prevent. Being that all of these medications have the potential to cause several difficulties during the pregnancy, it would be sensible for the expecting mother to sustain from taking these medications.

The side effects of those medications are normally treated with a drug that has a negative interaction with the drug originally taken. For example, Pill A was taken because of depression. Being Pill A causes high blood pressure one must now take Pill B. However, this creates a serious problem because when both Pill A and Pill B birth defects) has doubled. Field Research For this research paper the several different medications and birth defects will be my subjects. With this study, I hope to better understand the deadly things medications can do too newborn baby.

My observation will take place in an B/Gin’s office; I will pay close attention to the birth defects the child is born with and the medications the child’s parents took during the pregnancy process. My research is extremely important, because it has the capability to save a child from a birth defect if their parents read this research paper and take heed to the information within it. After doing several studies, and talking to a nurse that works in the Labor Unit at the Med Hospital here in Memphis, TN.

I have found out that doctors instruct patients to stop taking any medication, unless they have given the patient a prescription for that medication. Even though, expecting mothers know they should not be taking medication that the doctor did not allow them to take, they still consume the medication anyways. Majority of the birth defects that babies have were not a passed down trait, or an inherited birth defect, from neither the mother nor the father. The birth defect was a result of the mother not taking proper precautions, or a medication she has taken that was still in her blood.

From doing this study I have found out that even though you took a medicine several years ago it may still be in your blood stream several years after you have taken it. With that being stated I have also found out that medicine you have taken many years ago can affect your baby when you decide to get pregnant several later. It is extremely difficult for women who once took any type of birth control in some cases. Being that the birth control dedication is used to prevent pregnancy, even though you stop taking it, it is still in your blood stream and is preventing you from getting pregnant.

Birth control can also cause your baby to have a birth defect being that the birth control is trying to stop the baby from being created and born. In conclusion, after completing this research I now understand the importance of a woman properly taking care of herself while she is pregnant. Also, I now know that you should think twice and really do research on any medicine you are considering taking, because it could very well have a negative effect on your baby one day.