Negative Effects of Nuclear Radiation

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Nuclear radiation has been a major problem since 1941 when the Second World War began. A major contribution to World War Two is the nuclear bomb, also known as the Atom bomb. Once the two bombs were dropped, the usually terminal Leukemia was derived throughout Japan. There are three types of radiation, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma radiation. In my study of radiation I discovered that radiation can damage many cells in your body as well as DNA. Most people are afraid to get x-rays, MRIs’, and cat scans due to their rising ability to cause radiation.

Thyroid cancer is one of the major results of radiation. Throughout this research paper you will get the understanding of how nuclear radiation negatively affects people. Page 2 What does one think about when you think of nuclear radiation? Most people have the perception that nuclear radiation is entirely good for you but it’s truly not. Although many things used in medical rooms are very important to help save lives, they can also cause serious internal damage. For example, once one is exposed to nuclear radiation you can develop cancer and bone marrow in particular also massive DNA and brain damage.

Normal radiation is part of our natural environment; it is in things we consume and in the Earth itself. Although we consume this certain type of radiation daily eventually it eats away at our immune system if we intake the wrong type of radiation unknowingly. During World War Two the Japanese were the most exposed to nuclear radiation due to the atom bomb. The atom bomb was one of the first bombs to be dropped in any war. Nagasaki and Hiroshima, two of the most populated cities in Japan, sadly were introduced to a large nuclear radiation illness called Leukemia.

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Leukemia was one of the most devastating illnesses introduced to Japan due to the nuclear atom bomb. Leukemia is cancer of the blood cells. It starts in the bone marrow where the blood cells are made. After the war many people began to realize how bad radiation is for your body. We also discovered many different types of radiation. Alpha is the weakest of the radiation particles, they can be very harmful when consumed or even inhaled. Thankfully, Alpha radiation can be exterminated just by stepping on it. Beta is relatively stronger than Alpha. It is much harder to eliminate, it usually needs to be eliminated by wood or aluminum foil.

Sadly, it causes skin injuries and burns due to it being positive and fast moving. Lastly, the strongest of the three radiations is the Gamma ray. It is harmful internally and externally. The gamma ray is somewhat like an X-ray due to its electromagnetic waves. Two ways to measure Gamma radiation are to use a Geiger counter, or an ionization chamber. These Page 3 Two instruments are used to measure levels of radiation. Two other types of radiation that aren’t particles unlike Alpha and Beta are X-rays and Neutrons. An X-ray is an electromagnetic wave and is used for the human body. It usually penetrates through bone and flesh.

An X-ray has the same strength as the Gamma ray due to its similarities with electromagnetics. The only way to stop an X-ray is by cement or lead. Lastly is the Neutron. As you’ve learned in science, neutrons are neutral, therefore having no charge. A neutron can only do damage when it is removed from the nucleus, and water can be the strongest to eliminated. In addition to particles, the atom bomb that was detonated in Hiroshima had an energy of a major TNT explosion, the temperature rised to about 7, 000 degrees Fahrenheit, a wind speed of 980 MPH, and a pressure equivalent to 8,600 pounds per square feet .

This bomb was one of the main reasons the Second World War ended. This bomb was intended to end all nuclear weapon usage, although that intention failed. Today most Americans live in fear of being bombed. Ever since the twin towers incident came into reality and became fatal, Americans became terrified to live near major buildings. I guess you can say that nuclear radiation leads into weapons, which leads into disaster which leads into fear. Therefore, this can negatively affect people through anxiety and many other symptoms of fear. People under estimate the effects of nuclear weapons.

In our war with Iraq, weapons are simply used as means to win, but we don’t understand how it can physically affect the people we use them against. For example, Page 4 People in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan are without good housing, hygiene, and food. These things most definitely affect them negatively. These three things can be results of nuclear weapons. Our army bombed their houses and places to sleep, bathe, and eat, resulting in death and many other things. In conclusion, many things that take place around the world regarding nuclear weapons affect people in so many different ways negatively.

For example, “The Atomic Age was born in secrecy, and for two decades after Hiroshima, the high priests of the cult of the atom concealed vital information about the risks to human health posed by radiation. Dr. Alice Stewart, an audacious and insightful medical researcher, was one of the first experts to alert the world to the dangers of low-level radiation. ” ( former secretary of the interior) Therefore, many people have noticed the negative effects on people since the drop of the atom bomb.