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This new technology has been serving the world in multiple ways and has created new opportunities for young people to initiate small startups, provoked multinationals ND local firms to utilize this medium as a source of promotion and multiple other benefits besides enhancing communication. The way online social networking sites are being utilized Is quite clear, but the objectives of every person are different. However, this new technology has transformed many things but has some adverse effects as well.

In order to Identify the adverse effects that according to researchers, online social networking sites have, I have compiled some specific questions that will be addressed in the research that I will conduct and will guide me to reach to a solid inclusion. These questions include, (1) what is the relationship that teenagers have created with the social networking sites? (2) What is the impact of social networking sites on the social life of human beings? (3) The extent to which social networking sites can be dangerous or harmful.

These questions are supposed to be examined in the research paper in order to derive a meaning to it and to evaluate the importance the topic has. However, the research has been conducted in the passage of two weeks and the bibliography is comprised of at least six references that completely along to Journal articles. The six different Journal articles consist of research conducted by Fir Tutor and Alexander Serener that explain the pros and cons of using social networking sites as a source of enjoyment.

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The articles by Chemung, CUL and Lee explain the motivation behind students to use Backbone and Dads and Shoo explains the impact that social networking sites can have on the social and personal life of human beings. Coffee and Pearson explain the impact of these social networking sites on adolescents, families and children. However, Hobart and Mitchell explain the risks associated with using social networking sites, especially in case of young adults.

On the other hand, Resembles tries to explain the security and privacy risks associated with using social networking websites. Bibliography Annotated (1) Hobart, Michele L. , and Kimberly J. Mitchell. “How risky are social networking sites? A comparison of places online where youth sexual solicitation and harassment occurs. ” Pediatrics 121. 2 (2008): 350-357. This article has focused on determining the possibility of youth being solicited towards sexual volitionally and social networking ties are widely used to pursue this objective.

However, the objective is based on a research in order to identify the reach of possibility and the impact social networking sites have on sexual visualization. In order to conduct this research, an online survey method has been used in which the researcher spreads the survey to more than 1500 people mostly belonging to the age group of 10-15. The results of the report indicated that last year around 15% of the respondents witnessed an unwanted sexual solicitation on the internet or online only while 4% suffered or faced a similar tuition on a social networking site.

However, 33% of the respondents suffered harassment and out of those 9% suffered the same situation on a social networking site. The paper broadly examines the scenario and the impact the social networking sites have of solicitation and harassment of young adults. (2) Rosenberg, David. “What anyone can know: The privacy risks of social networking sites. ” IEEE Security & Privacy 3 (2007): 40-49. This paper explains and identifies a broad and relatively universal claim which is obviously about the internet and social networking sites.

The paper clearly states that social networking sites have taken the hold and have become the most preferred way of communicating as the distances have been narrowed. However, the ease that these social networking sites offer in accessing them have made the privacy controversial and clearly hints that any information that will posted or shared on such websites will be visible to everyone. The paper tries to identify the risks regarding privacy that is associated with using social networking sites and the access that it provides to everyone to view information of anyone. 3) Turtle, Fool, and Alexander Serener. The benefits and dangers of enjoyment with social networking websites. ” European Journal of Information Systems. 5 (2012): 512-528. The paper explained a fact in the past and in the current scenario as well internet or information technology have been rapidly used as a source of enjoyment and people have been relying on them as it provoke various systems usages that are hidden. However, the paper tries to identify the negative impact that it has on the person and how this enjoyment can lead to dangerous situations.

In this regard, the research utilized various previous researches as the secondary and surveyed around 94 people who are passive and active users of social networking websites. The paper believes that addiction to technology can lead to various situations that are dangerous for people and in this regard, the data collected was analyzed leveraging SEEM techniques to prove the hypothesis right or wrong. (4) Coffees, Gwenn Scourging, and Kathleen Clarke-Pearson. “The impact of social media on children, adolescents, and families. ” Pediatrics 127. (201 1): 800-804. The paper explains the role of social media or social networking websites and their emergence in the last two decades as one of the most prominent internet technology. The paper also explains that children and young adults are the one who are involved in using these sites and these sites have been constantly innovating to sustain its users. However, there are various issues that have emerged due to the extensive usage of these sites, like setting, depression, and exposure to content, which is not appropriate.

The paper examines and identifies the importance of the role played by parents to mitigate such issues. These issues have gained significant importance in the recent years, which is why it is important for parents to look upon these factors in order to void their children from such horrendous and dangerous issues. (5) Dads, Biscuit, personal and social life. ” International Journal of Business and Social Science 2. 14 (201 1): 222-228. This study is conducted to identify the negative impact of using social networking sites on the personal life of a human being.

The paper states that these websites have gained a special place in our lives and has transformed our lives to a major extent. However, the extensive usage of these sites has created issues like the threat of being harassed, blackmailed or getting fired from the Job. Besides that, t leads to anxiety and other issues like addiction to such websites.