Police Patrol Research paper

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Police Patrol Research Papers discuss a sample order placed that requires two journal articles, and provides specific questions that need to be answered.

The objective of Police Patrol Research Paper is to evaluate the purpose and effectiveness of police patrol. According to your criminal justice textbook, patrol is the backbone of police duties. Some empirical studies show that patrol, particularly when increased for trouble spots, reduces the amount of disorder and the fear of crime in a neighborhood. However, other studies show that police patrol does not reduce the actual amount of crime that occurs.

For Police Patrol Research Paper, you are to use library resources to do find two journal articles (or other reference documents) relating to the effectiveness of police patrol.

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When completing Police Patrol Research Paper, there are a number of resources you can use. If you need assistance in searching the library database, click here to take a tutorial. You can also go to the “webliography”and click on the National Criminal Justice Reference Service.

The paper must be a minimum of three (3) double-spaced, 12 point font pages with proper citations and bibliography. The bibliography does not count in the page total.

Paper formatting requirements: papers must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Section 1 — Introduction: Make an introductory statement about the topic of your paper — what point are you attempting to make, provide, or discover? Provide the purpose of the paper. Introduce the two articles by titles, using correct citations.
  2. Section 2 — Summarize the main points of the two articles.
  3. Section 3 — Compare and contrast the two articles. Do they reach the same conclusion? How are they alike? How do they differ? How does the text deal with the topics as discussed in the articles? What conclusions are reached in the two articles?
  4. Section 4 — Conclusion — Based on your analysis of the articles and their conclusions and the text, do you believe patrol is an effective use of resources for police departments?
  5. Bibliography— “References Cited” must be correctly cited. This page does not count toward page total.