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Scholarship Essays examine the necessary, but often challenging, part of the college application process.

Scholarship essays are a necessary, but often challenging, part of the application process. However, such essays are essential tools for committees making decisions regarding awarding scholarships, and a good scholarship essay will help a candidate stand out from a field of applicants. Many scholarship essays are on specific topics provided by the organization and have a limited word count.

Scholarships Defray College Costs

Scholarship essays, in many ways, allow the applicant to make a good first impression. A well written, organized, and error-free scholarship essay can be the difference between consideration and dismissal. It may seem obvious to state, but one should always put in the effort to create the best possible scholarship essay that he or she can write.

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An outstanding scholarship essay can be key to ultimately helping defray the cost of college. It is the essay that will separate one from a host of other students with similar grades, extracurricular activities, and stated goals. Committees are looking for someone who meets their criteria, and a good scholarship essay will be written for the specific reason, as opposed to a generic essay one submits with every application. You should be sure to include in your scholarship essay the following:

  • Why you deserve the scholarship
  • What you bring to the table for the University you want to attend
  • Integrate unique information about yourself
  • Integrate a quote you can apply to yourself

The best scholarship essays display both passion and personality. You are arguing that you are the one student who deserves a scholarship, as opposed to hundreds of other applicants. It should be as unique and individual as you.