Sex Crimes

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Sex Crimes are about power and control and are often reported later because the victim feels scared or ashamed. Sex Crimes are one of the most under-reported crimes. The Sex Crimes Section handles all reported ADULT (17 years of age and older) sex crimes whose victims are heterosexual or same sex. These crimes include: Rape is sexual intercourse with another person by the use of forcible compulsion.

Sexual Assault is sexual intercourse with another person knowing that the victim is unconscious, drugged, intoxicated or sleeping. Sexual Misconduct- is any form of sexual activity or sexual contact including harassment, which is unwanted that occurs as a result of intimidation, threat of force, use of force or other coercive behavior or which occurs without consent. Sodomy’s which is deviant sexual intercourse with another person by the use of forcible compulsion. Stalking which is a pattern of repeated, unwanted attention, harassment and contact. All these acts are forms of sexual crimes. Bibliography Ellis, L. 012, January 7). Retrieved from Orlando Sentinel: http:// articles. Relationship. Com/2012-01-07/news/so-carol-Sheridan- obituary-20120107_1 _crime-victims-victim-compensation-and-assistance-crime-act Carol Lee Sheridan was among the first to serve as advocate for victims of crime the late sass. She worked with victims of crime, helping victims of rape or domestic abuse with their questions about the law-enforcement investigations and court cases. She was part of the first team for the Orange County Sheriffs Office of what would be called victims’ advocates, Victims sometimes don’t know what to do and are often lost.

When you’re traumatized and have lost your daughter to a heinous, you need guidance and information. Matson, O. (n. D. ). Sex Crimes. Retrieved from Helping Human Trafficking Victims: http://centralizes. Com/? Sex-Crimes:-Helping-Human-Trafficking-Politics&id=5656185 Human trafficking involves trafficking of human beings across borders. There are several ways a person can be trafficked. One is the by kidnapping and selling. A person may be deceived with a false promise for Job and lured into crossing international border. There the person may be forced into forced slavery or indentured servitude.

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A person may accept prostitution due to lure of drugs. In USA for instance a minor (below 18 years) is considered as a trafficking victim, although no movement has taken place. This is in accordance to the U. S. Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 Bibliography Encode, K. (2013, February 19). Police. Retrieved from Victim in Hummer Mom’ Sex Crimes Target of Spellbinding: http://Livermore. Patch. Com/groups/police-and-fire/p/ police-investigating-report- Hubs a 44 year old woman, was recently released from prison after serving two and a half years behind bars for sexual relationships she had with two teen boys.

The former Livermore resident is now back in Jail after a suspected parole violation, according to court records. Hubs violated terms of her parole when she was found with possession of pornography in Hayward, according to a SKIP report . Hubs got the nickname “Hummer mom” because of the vehicle she drove around, sometimes with her victims accompanying her. Reuters. (2013, July 19). Virginia: Charge Against Air Force Folder. Retrieved from Altered http://www. Anytime. Com/2013/07/1 Was/Virginia-charge-against-air-force- officer-is-altered. HTML?

A charge of sexual battery against an Air Force officer was roped on Thursday, and the prosecutor instead will pursue a charge of assault and battery. The officer, Let. Cool. Jeffrey Kristin, was chief of the Air Force sexual assault prevention and response branch when he was arrested in May and accused of groping a woman in a parking lot. After a closer investigation of the facts and a review of the status of the case law, the more appropriate charge is the assault and battery, not the sexual battery charge,” said Thee Stamps, the prosecutor. She declined to comment about the evidence in the case.

Travis, A. (2013, January 10). One in Five Woman Are Victims of SExual Offense. Retrieved from http://www. Guardian. Co. UK/UK/2013/Jan/10/sex-crimes-analysis- England-Wales The first Joint statistical overview of sexual offending in England and Wales by the Ministry of Justice, Home Office and Office of National Statistics confirms that only a very small proportion of sexual offences lead to a conviction. In the last three years court statistics show an average of 5,620 offenders convicted each year for all types of sexual offences, with 1,070 convicted for rape.

The estimate that there are 473,000 victims of sexual offences every year, of whom 400,000 are women, is rain from the Crime Survey for England and Wales. It estimates that there were 97,000 victims of the most serious sexual offences last year, of which there were around 69,000 female victims of rape. The analysis adds that 90% of such victims knew the perpetrator. Bibliography Ward, C. (2013, July 18). Scout Leader Accused of Sexual Assault at Wisconsin Camp. Retrieved from http://www. Categorizing. Com/news/local/suburbs/glen_Ellen/chi- scout-leader-accused-of-sex-assault-at-Wisconsin-camp-20130718,0,897229. Tory A Boy Scout leader from Dupe County has been charged with sexually assaulting a Scout at a Wisconsin camp according to Wisconsin law enforcement officials. Marquette County sheriffs police identified the man as Jeffrey L. Bargeman, 54, of the 22-W-OHO block of Stratford Court in unincorporated Dupe County near Glen Ellen. He was charged with sexual assault of a child under 16 years of age and was released after posting a $5,000 cash bond Thursday, Marquette County District Attorney Chad Handed said.

The assault is alleged to have taken place on July 5 at Camp Freehand Leslie, a Boy Scout facility near Oxford, about 25 miles from the Wisconsin Dells. West, C. , & M. (2013, March). Sexual Violence in the Lives of African American Women. Retrieved from http://www. NCR. Org/publications/articles/sexual-violence-lives- African-American-women This Applied Research paper reviews the stochastically context of Black women’s sexual victimizing, the characteristics of Black rape survivors and their experiences, and the risk factors that elevate Black women’s vulnerability to rape and consequences thereof.

Culturally sensitive techniques to promote resilience are offered. The institutional pattern of rape was well established before the newly enslaved Africans reached the Americas. During the transatlantic gage, crew members routinely raped and impregnated Black women. In preparation for sale, enslaved women were stripped naked and placed on auction blocks. African American women’s economic value. Bibliography Woo, J. (2013, June 18). South Korea Toughens SEX Crimes Law. Retrieved from http:// blobs. Com/correlative/2013/06/18/south- Korea-toughens- its-sex-crimes- law/ South Korea took a big step toward clearing legal hurdles in the fight against sex crimes against women and minors. The government has made more than 150 revisions to the current law related to sex crimes that will take effect on Wednesday. One of the biggest changes is the abolishment of a 60-year-old law under which a prosecutor can’t pursue a sexual assault case if a victim and an attacker reach an agreement on not taking legal action.