Super Size Me

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I will be using this movie for my research paper. It discusses a man named Morgan Spurlock, who uses himself as a guinea pig at McDonalds. He must eat McDonalds three times a day for thirty days. If the clerk asks him if he would like to super-size his meal, he has to say yes. Over the thirty days, Morgan has doctors who will be testing his health because he will not be exercising.

The author’s information will be credible as it is a real documentary to show people what would happen if they were to eat at a fast food restaurant for thirty days and if they super-sized their meals. Super-sizing meals should be stopped because it has a negative effect on an individual’s health. This movie discusses that, because of the legal law suits that McDonalds has faced due to selling unhealthy choices. It was decided by the court that the plaintiffs would have a claim “only if they could prove that eating the food every day for every meal is dangerous. The solution is to educate society on the effect that fast food has on an individual’s body. This movie indicates that eating fast food on a regular basis will lead to medical problems. This idea can be used in the introduction of my research paper, where I discuss how super-sizing is becoming a problem in today’s society. Murphy. J. (June 2002). The Super-sizing of America: Are Fast Food Chains to Blame for the Nation’s Obesity?. Retrieved from: http://whatscookingamerica. net/HealthBeauty/SuperSizingAmerica. tm After reading it, you learn whether or not fast food chains are to blame for the nation’s obesity epidemic. It provides statistics, such as “One American Medical Association study estimates that 300,000 Americans die each year from obesity-related causes such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke,” and “Obesity levels are sky-rocketing despite the fact that $33 billion a year is spent on weight-loss aids. ” Most people would say the reason for obesity is fast food. Many people spend their time purchasing food outside of the ome because of convenience. This article discusses the negative impact that super-sizing has on the economy. There are many people who eat fast food and super-size their meals because it is convenient. This in part led to an obesity epidemic in the United States. Besides the obvious solution of educating society on the impact and how to make better decisions, the government should have a legislation that tells restaurants how big a meal portion can/cannot be. After reading it you learn the effects of eating fast food.

If an individual does not make smart health choices and exercise regularly they are more than likely to develop an obesity problem. Since more and more Americans are becoming obese it is becoming an epidemic, which is an economical issue. This article can be used in the third section of my research paper, where I argue super-sizing should be stopped because it has an economic effect on society. Dayton. J. (June 10, 2011). How to Educate People on Healthy Eating. Retrieved from: http://www. ehow. com/how_8573396_educate-people-healthy-eating. tml This article discusses how to educate people on healthy eating, which is very important. It advises people to review the food groups, explain which bad ingredients to look out for, use visual aids (especially when you are teaching young children) and most importantly, teach people that healthy food can have flavor. These are great ideas to use when you are educating society about eating healthy. This information can be used in section four of my research paper, where I discuss a solution that will help stop super-sizing.

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I can discuss the negative effects and various topics that people can cover when educating others about healthy eating. People can be educated at home, school or even at their work place. If people are taught to make healthy choices at an earlier age, they are more than likely to continue it. It is harder to teach someone once they have made bad habits and get them to change their eating ways. U. S. Food and Drug Administration. (March 23, 2011). Labeling and Nutrition. Retrieved from: http://www. fda. gov/food/labelingnutrition/default. htm

This government website explains that food labeling is mandatory under the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act and its amendments. For more prepared foods, food labeling is mandatory. For example: cereals, breads and frozen food. However, it is voluntary for raw produce, such as fruits and vegetables. It also touches upon the requirements for Consumer Information, Label Claims, Food Allergens Labeling, Food Labeling Guidance and Regulatory Information, New Menu, Vending Machines Labeling Requirements and New Front of Package Labeling Initiative.

The website will be used in section five of my research paper, where I discuss a solution which will help stop individuals from super-sizing by using a government legislation that will tell restaurants how big a meal portion can be. If they already have nutritional labels that help people understand what they are consuming, then the government should have legislation in place for portion sizes that are served at restaurants, especially fast food restaurants. Nutrition Policy. (2011). Why Good Nutrition is Important. Retrieved from: http://www. cspinet. org/nutritionpolicy/nutrition_policy. html It discusses why good nutrition is important.

Also 310,000 to 580,000 deaths occur in contribution with unhealthy eating and inactivity. Due to unhealthy eating the following health issues are likely to occur: obesity, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, osteoporosis and cancer. This is why it is important to educate society on eating healthy. I will be using this website in section one of my research paper. In section one I will be arguing that super-sizing meals should be stopped because it affects an individual’s health in a negative aspect. I will discuss the different health issues that can occur if individuals do not stop super-sizing meals.