The Bad Effects to Health of Excessive Computer Use

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Today, computers play a very large part in our daily lives. We use computer for a lot of things like business, education, communication and entertainment. We can find computers almost everywhere nowadays, at offices, at school and even at almost every home.

Because of the computer’s speed and efficiency, we always turn to it to get our work done. As a result, many people tend to spend long hours using it. And using the computer for an extended period of time results to several health problems. As computer science students, this means that when we graduate, we will eventually get a job that will require us to use computer for long periods of time. It is important that we should know the risk of our profession such as the health problems that we would most likely have to face. This research could also aid the general public who uses computers in their daily lives.

It could help us to know the health problems caused by the extensive use of computers and the possible solutions to prevent or overcome it. Stamatellos(2007) stated in his work that the extensive use of computers can result two possible health problems: the “Computer Vision Syndrome” (CVS) and the “Repetitive Strain Injury” (RSI). CVS is a series of eye problems due to staring at the monitor of a computer for a long period of time. RSI is an intense pain felt on a particular muscle, joint or ligament that is used to repeat the exact same movements.

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If these problems are not treated it could lead to permanent damage to your health and consequently to your life. The health of users are key component in information system. However, people don’t bother to take care of themselves, and when the time comes they discover they have so many illnesses. The widespread use of computers is now casing health concerns. This research discusses the preventions and cures the user can do to keep them healthy at office and at home. There are some ergonomic concepts that we can follow to take precautions to prevent this injuries. Take a break after using computer, do some simple exercise during that time.

Stretching and doing some simple wrist in your hands and arms. To prevent injury to typing, place a wrist rest between the key board and at the edge of your desk. To prevent injury using a mouse, place the mouse at least six inches from the edge of the desk. The eye strain is not a serious or long term illnesses. You should get regular eye examination, through this you can take care of yourself. Another one is the back pain, muscle fatigue, it caused by poor posture; get an ergonomic chair it allows you to sit and to use arms and hands in healthier way. Sit properly in the chair, your feet should be flat on the floor.

You can just go and take a break and be sure that your workplace is well more designed. Statement of the problem This research focuses on defining the bad effects to health of using the computer for an extended period of time. This research will answer the following questions: * What are the specific health problems we may acquire by using the computer excessively? * What are the causes of the said health problems? * What are the possible solutions we can do to cure or prevent these problems? * What is an ergonomic workplace? * How can we make our workstations ergonomic? Significance of the study

This research gives information regarding health problems due to the extensive use of computer among users, computer professionals and its association with working environment conditions. A significant portion of computer users were found to be having health problems and this denotes that the occupational health of the people working in the computer field needs to indicate occupational health problems such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). This research further explains that long periods of working at a computer can cause eyestrain and overuse injuries of the hands and wrists.

Using this research, employers and managers can help transform working stations to be more ergonomic. The working place will be more suitable and comfortable for the workers. Furthermore, it will lessen the chances of the workers getting computer health related problems. Scope and delimitation This study limits its coverage on the people who are working in the computers for long period of time, particularly company employers identify the health problems that they encounter and to propose possible solution regarding this problem.

This study considers every aspect of the employee’s health information that has an impact on their performance such as their condition regarding office work. The wide of using computers has led some important health concerns, which is associated with occupational safety and health concerns. Many people use computers as part of their job. If you use one and suffer illnesses it may be because of the way you are using the computer. Problems such as suffering from strain in the back of the hand due to excessive ‘mouse’ clicking, eye strain, shoulder and back pains or stress or neck ache if you use a computer without a break for a long time.

The employees suffered this condition because of their heavy work loads and regular night work. Furthermore they face number of health issues particularly (RSI) Repetitive Strain Injuries and (CVS) Computer Vision Syndrome. Methodology The goal of this research is to ascertain the different bad effects of using the computer for an extended period of time. To reach this goal, we conduct surveys and interview of individuals who are working with computers long periods of time.

Surveys are done for all the employees of a particular computer company to determine whether there really is an overall increase chance for people who are working with computers to get computer related health problems and to ascertain which health related problems they’ve got. The data collected from this test are recorded and later tested for relevance. Interviews are done with employees who already have computer related health problem. This is to determine which health problems are more prevalent and which health problems are rare. Using these interviews, we get the possible causes of the said health problems.

An inspection of the workplace conducted. This is to test if the working environment is indeed another factor affecting or causing health problems. All of the data collected from the said methods and complied, tested and further analyzed to reach concrete results. GANTT CHART Day| Activity| Day 1August 17, 2010| Brainstorming| Day 2August 20, 2010| Arguing for the research topic| Day 3August 24, 2010| Getting resources| Day 4August 25, 2010| Making the final research title and thesis statement| Day 5August 27, 2010| The submission of the research title and thesis statement| Day 6August 31, 2010| Introduction of the research|

Day 7September 3, 2010| Submission of the Introduction| Day 8September 7, 2010| Submission of the Statement of the problem| Day 9September 14, 2010| Submission of the Significance of the study| Day 10September 17, 2010| Submission of the Scope and Delimitation| Day 11September 21, 2010| Submission of the research Methodology| Day 12September 24, 2010| Submission of the Definition of Terms| Day 13September 28, 2010| Submission of Bibliography| Definition of terms End-user as used in this research refers to a person who is operating computer.

Bad Effects as used in this research refers to the physical disorder that affects person. Ergonomic as used in this research refers to the strategic ordering of the lay-out of the workplace such that it will be more suitable and comfortable for the user. Information system as used in this research refers to the specific use of the computer to support user actions such as operations, management and decision making. Health as used this research refers to the physical well being of a person. Computer Science as used in this research refers to the study of the theoretical and practical use of the computer system.

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) as used in this research refers to eye strain problem due to staring at the monitor of a computer for long period of time. Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) as used in this research refers to the painful injury in the hands or wrist caused by the repeated usage of the keyboard and the mouse. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) as used in this research refers to the disease of the hand characterized by the numbness, tingling, pain and weakness. Bibliography Books Bentham, P. (1996). VDU terminal sickness: Computer Health risk and how to protect yourself. London: Jon Carpenter, Publishing. Morley, D. & Parker, S. (2008). Understanding computers: Today and tomorrow (11th ed. ). USA: Thomson Course Technology. Shelly, G. , Cashman, T. & Vermaat, M. (2008). Discovering computers: Fundamentals (4th ed. ). USA: Thomson Course Technology. Stametellos, G. (2007). Computer ethics: A global perspective. U. S. A : Jones and Ballet publishers, Inc. Williams, B. , & Sawyer, S. (2007). Using Information Technology: A practical introduction to computers and communications (7th ed. ). New York: Mc Graw-Hill companies Inc. Internet source Hege Crowton. (2010). Health Risk Due to long hours at your computer.

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