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Considering the life of the Native Americans before the arrival of the Europeans, A way of life for native americans research paper makes the following observation: “For thousand of years before Europeans set foot in North America, Indian peoples pioneered, settled, and shaped the land. Societies and traditions evolved and changed; civilizations rose and fell”. In short, while information regarding Indian culture before the arrival of the Europeans is scant, at best, the following can be effectively argued:

  • Natives enjoyed a certain level of comfort within the context of their own social discourse.
  • Some societies failed, while others thrived and traditions were passed from generation to generation, much in the same way that Western customs and traditions are handed down.

While it would be difficult to know for sure how Native American culture functioned in the presence of such extreme hostility from European settlers, it is apparent that when the Europeans first arrived in the Americas, hostility and violence were not the primary mechanisms of communication between the Natives and the Europeans. In fact for several years after the Europeans began arriving in the Americas amicable relationships between the two groups of people were the norm. Article goes on to note that on one hand the natives were fascinated by the all of the wares brought by the Europeans. On the other hand, the Europeans were inspired by the way in which the Natives had managed to live off the land, in harmony with nature.

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One of the keenest observations that Europeans made when they arrived in the Americas was the integral relationship that Native Americans had with their spirituality and religion. This motivating force is what served as the impetus to keep most Native tribes together. While it is clear that religion had different meanings to individuals based on their heritage and the nature of their tribal activities, each native tribe adhered to the process of collectivism. “In both small- and large-scale Native American societies, all contributed to the collective good. Young boys proudly gave their first-kill to elders who thanked them for their skill and gift. Similarly, young girls learned form their mothers, aunts, and grandmothers the importance of service”.