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Considering a global view, given a proper understanding of cultural, social and legal-regulatory environments, business and investment in most parts of an organization is relatively common and profitable. Many promising changes are underway in companies – and there is good reason to be hopeful that every firm shall emerge from its present trial-by-fire to become both an attractive investment destination, and a profitable market for worldwide products.

Much emphasis is given to the issue of culture, more specifically, the perceptions, outlooks and/or beliefs that affect human interaction. In the past, perhaps, Western business peoples understanding of ‘culture’ has been relegated to the realm of manners or etiquette, of simplistic ‘do’s and don’ts’. However, cultural misunderstanding or miscommunication is generally far more likely to occur at the level of perception and outlook, rather than etiquette. This is not to suggest that etiquette is unimportant, but merely to attempt to shift emphasis from those external or visible cultural expressions to those expressions that are not immediately obvious, in particular as this affects communication.

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Embracing local culture employing locals to gain cultural knowledge, build relationships, adapt products to local markets. Help employees understand the company. Coordinate by region an integrated system. Aesthetics is described as learned behavior patterns that are distinguishing characteristics of the members of any given society or a body. Adjusting or adapting to a specific culture other than one’s own” is “one of the keys
to success in international operations.

What is or is not acceptable as good taste varies widely in Aesthetics. The symbolism of colors, forms, and music carries different meanings in different cultures. Education affects employee -training competition for labor product characteristics how can we use aesthetics to repair dysfunctional relationships, improve communications, build teamwork and significantly reduce work-related stress? How can we avoid tangled, politically charged relationships in modern organizations? How can we increase our civility? Organizations should be built upon the rule that employees have to share everything. Play fair. People are not to be hit…Clean up your own mess…Say sorry when you hurt somebody…hold hands and stick together.” What would happen if everyone made up before they left the office? This is what successful organizations encourage. Large firms build such cultures that integrate the whole company with all its departments considering employee needs and requirements to make employees feel that they are a part of what goes on…