Tips for Students Who Do Not Know What to Write in a Research Paper

Good things to write a research paper on

It is an academic assignment usually prepared by members of colleges and universities. It is a large type of academic paper, which demands from a student long and scrupulous preparation. To prepare a thesis assignment an author needs to perform several activities, which will allow delivering a paper of good quality. The whole process comprises the following stages – choice and formulation of a title of research, picking the literature source, gathering the other types of data as well as a compilation of the outline. You need to choose exciting things to write a research paper on.

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What is more, the fascinating topic will make the student enjoy the writing process. Thus, one has to approach the task of picking the topic seriously and responsibly. Exists many ways to pick an optimal theme. Primarily, try to contact your scholarly supervisor, and he will help you to choose the subject that will suit you the most. Tell about the things you are interested in. On the other hand, you can write on themes that are modern and open a wide scientific world for you. Under the watchful guidance of your teacher of professors, you will able to compile a catchy and wide theme for your future assignment.

There is also another way to pick many things to write a research paper on. Make a list of topics or scientific direction, which will be interesting for you. Rank them and choose the one, that seems most exciting for you. That makes it more narrow. Try to focus on a specific aspect of the topic and formulate a catchy and exciting title. Do not forget to contact your scholarly supervisor to discuss and clarify all the nuances.

How to choose good things to write a research paper on?

The choice of the topic is the first and very responsible stage of coursework, which depends on its success to a large extent. The subject of coursework is developed and offered students by scholarly supervisors and scientific guides from their university. A scientific supervisor provides the student with scientific and methodological guidelines and tips, monitors the working process and prepares feedback concerning the quality of work of the particular student. A good topic will help you to decide what to write in a research paper.

  1.    When choosing an issue, one should, first of all, be guided by its interest in one or another scientific problem.
  2.    If work on the topic is a necessary part of the professional training, then in the process of its implementation it is possible to significantly deepen knowledge on some aspects of the course, to find out their attitude to the chosen problem, to acquire research skills and abilities.
  3.    After selecting a topic, you should carefully read the literature to it, recommended by the lecturer or scientific supervisor; to understand its meaning and the main result, as well as to clearly define the boundaries of the study.
  4.    After the formulation of the theme of work, one needs to analyze the state of development of a specific problem in modern science and find out what methods were used while studying the issue with other researchers. To do this, first of all, one needs to pick up the scientific literature on the subject of research and determine the normative basis for the future study.

Good things and issues to write a research paper on

Now, it is possible for you to imagine, how difficult it can be to choose the optimal subject for one’s research. Before a student decides on a topic, he or she needs to learn the problems that were already studied in a specific scientific field as well as get to know whether there are enough methodical and literature sources. But after compilation of all these stages, one can start working on specific research. You can find a list of exciting issues to write a research paper on:


  •    The essence of the management through the prism of motivation and the use of its provisions in the practice of modern management. The motivation of personnel management at domestic and foreign enterprises.
  •     Development of the theory and practice of management. Concepts of management and use of their provisions in the practice of modern management and how to use etc. Using the provisions of the concept of management for goals in management practice.
  •    Definition and development of the theory and practice of management in the world.


  •    The image of the enterprise: formation and maintenance of efficiency of use.
  •    Branding in the enterprise: formation and maintenance of efficiency of use.
  •    Improvement of corporate culture as a component of effective enterprise management.


  •    General characteristics of psychological phenomena: a modern view of the problem.
  •    Features of the development of the psyche as the highest form of the organization of the brain.
  •    Functions of the psychic and its role in human life.
  •    Structure of personality in different psychological theories and concepts.
  •    Unconscious (subconscious) as an object of psychological research.
  •    Activity as a form of manifestation of personality activity: the direction of studying a problem.
  •    Motives and motivation of a person as a psychological problem of the present.