What Are the Main Research Paper Writing Styles?

Why do you need to know about research paper styles?

The research paper writing style is one of the essential problems in scientific assignment writing. Creating a perfect content is not the only thing that is required from the author. Creating his paper the author generates new concepts basing on the existing ones. He definitely does the search before put his pen on the piece of paper in the struggle to find enough data to complete his research paper. In the process of writing, this data would serve as reliable evidence and strong backing to his claims and newly generated ideas.

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However, having an intention to place this data correctly, the writer should be acknowledged with the writing styles. Any thoughts taken from the other sources could not be placed as the writer’s own. This data must be cited in a proper way to let the audience see where the author found used materials. If you are a student who is completing the research paper for your college subject, you need to keep in mind that any data you may include in your assignment should be obligatory cited and any source should be documented.

Documenting the primary sources on which your ideas are based upon, you give your audience a perfect opportunity to see and consider the resources that you have been used. They can easily compare the concepts and quickly find the data that are interesting for them most of all. Another meaningful purpose to cite the sources properly is to avoid the plagiarism in your scientific paper. If you simply copy the data and do not mention that it is someone else idea, the content of your writing would be considered as plagiarized. It would considerably lessen the value of your work and influence on your mark.

How many are there writing styles and how to differentiate them?

As you may have already found out, there are lots of different research paper writing styles that are used for scientific writings. The list of them includes several most popular and well-known for everybody and others that are not so popular and are rarer used. Each of them has its own peculiarities that make it distinguished from the others. Before deciding what writing style to choose you are supposed to get to know the specifics of each of them. The variety of research paper styles includes the following most popular:

1. APA

APA is an American Psychological Association style. It is generally applied to psychology, science, and other similar subjects. This writing style provides a schematically simplified citation which enables writers to include external data from related sources. Each page includes the title of the scientific creation on the top right corner.

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2. MLA

MLA is a Modern Language Association writing style. It has many similarities with APA but differs in the process of pagination. This style requires inserting the last name of the creator beside the number of the page, not mentioning the paper title.

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3. Harvard

Harvard style is mostly used in the field of humanities. It is rather similar to APA style but APA is popular in USA and Harvard is relatively more popular in Australia and UK.

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4. Chicago/ Turabian

Chicago and Turabian styles are also very similar. Each of them was created to be originally used in the fields of economics and history.

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How to understand what research paper writing style to use?

If you are a student who is going to complete the task of completing a scientific paper, you probably are wondering what writing style is better to use. This question is rather complicated and confusing, especially for the beginner writers. However, if you try carefully, you will be able to cope with this problem without too many efforts. There are various hints that would help you to understand what writing style you should choose for your academic work. It is interesting to know about quotes in research papers.

The primary thing you are supposed to do is to look in your assignment. Most assignments usually involve the specific format style to the list of requirements. Take the instruction to your academic paper and read it carefully one more. Be attentive to all the requirements that are stated and find out if there is a particular demand for using a specific writing style.

If your assignment does not contain such data, you may contact your instructor at any time and ask him what style is the most suitable to format the sources in your paper. Follow your teacher’s instruction and be careful to stick to the only one required format style organizing the whole paper. It is also very popular for universities to choose their “own” writing style that is used for any academic papers completing in this university.

Additionally, the writing style strictly depends on the subject you are completing your paper on. There is a defined list of disciplines that required a particular writing style.

  • APA is required to Psychology, Education, and Sciences.
  • MLA is required to Humanities
  • Turabian /Chicago is usually required for History, Business, and the Fine Arts.

When you are confident what theme of your research paper is and what discipline it belongs to, you can easily identify the writing style needed for your paper.